Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a Great Party

Wow...I have posted a ton lately! Go me. My really good friend Tiffany Feger threw me a baby shower and spoiled me rotten! I told her that we are going to be using pink and brown for our colors so she went all out. Everything was pretty much pink and brown...even her outfit. Loved it!Tiffany reminds me of my sister...very crafty. She made me all sorts of stuff. There was the baby bib, changing pad, diaper case cover and my ultimate favorite, the baby sling (the flower print material). She will have to show me again how to use it because it is quite confusing!! :)

I am not gonna lie, rather than having to keep visiting the table, I grabbed two plates and filled them. The food was delish. There were homemade spring rolls from a sweet lady from the ward, fruit and dip, awesome cupcakes (Thanks Katie), tasty bean dip (thanks Redd's) and pink and brown candy everywhere!!

This is the face I make when I really love something! Okay, I am lying, I really have no idea what we were talking about and why I have such a "stink eye" going on!

Little Malachi. He is the exact same age of my nephew Luke (well, a few hours younger, but who is counting?).

You would think that whatever was written on the card was hilarious, HOWEVER, I felt awkward reading all of the card's in front of everyone so I did not read them at the party (I did later when I got home). We all know that no one else really wants to wait around for me to read each and everyone of them.

My buddy Dylan (Tiffany's oldest). He was sitting on the stairs watching me open my gifts. The first thing he asked me is if I had my baby yet. He is so dang cute. He calls Scott, Scotty!

Gift #1 from Tiffany (Decorated wipe case). Jaynee was really jealous of my sweet gift!

Gift #2: Baby bib. Isn't that the cutest material? I love it.

Gift #3: Changing pad

Gift #4: Baby sling (the reason behind the shocked look is because Tiffany had another gift for me. I was not mad..promise!)

Dylan wanted to help us clean up.

The party planner herself, Tiffany! Check out that cool clothesline in the background. It was so cute and each of the clothespins were painted pink and brown! I never realize how tall I am until I take a picture next to people!

There were four pregos at the party. We are standing in order of due dates. The two in the middle are due at the end of October and Jackie is due the beginning of December.

Gotta Love the bumps!

Katie Carter. We kept laughing because my belly was getting in the way of things.

Abigail Hyler. She guessed at like 7 weeks when I was prego. I had not told a lot of people and at an enrichment activity one night she flat out asked me if I was expecting. She then told me I had the "glow" about me. I was shocked I had a glow...I was still feeling kinda gross at that time! :) I am very excited for them to have their baby! She is having a boy and naming him Tristan. So cute.

Thanks to everyone who came to the shower and for all of the gifts. A special thanks to Tiffany for hosting, planning and throwing a great party! It was really special for me!
Now I wish I would have taken a cupcake with me. They sound good right now!! :)


the emily said...

You have so many good friends! That is so nice of them to throw that awesome shower for you. And those presents from Tiffany are amazing! What a sweet friend. I can't believe how close you are getting.

J Fo said...

That shower was so well done! I have to throw one for a friend in a few weeks and I'm totally stealing the clothesline idea. Adorable. Looks like you made out of there with some good loot!

The Fegers said...

glad you liked it!
and Jess, I voted for you, good luck! And I stole the clothes line idea from my cousin Lacey. She helped me paint some clothes pins once when I visited her before I threw a shower years ago. Stealing ideas is the way to go! I like it for a banner, a little better than streamers:)

Jason said...

Lindsay, of course the card you were reading was hilarious--it was mine and Katie's, and I'm certain i wrote something incredibly funny in it. And it looks like i wasn't the only one affected by your pretty little wipe case--Malachi is looking a bit wary of it in the picture. funny boy.

Lovell Family said...

what a nice party! I'm glad you finally look look awesome!

julz said...

Your look HUge!! Congrats! What a cool friend! I am so glad you have people out there to spoil you and make you crafty things! Wish I were there:)

Kira - Noooitaremybirthday said...

Awww Linds! Looks like so much fun. Congratulations, my friend! I miss you!!!

Eric and Kassi said...

Wow you have great friends who spoil you rotten! How fun!

JonandLo said...

love the prego pics!! looks like you got some great stuff..yea, she's almost here!

Boquinha said...

Yep, pretty soon that changing pad becomes not just a cute thing fro a shower, but something with REAL POOP on it! :P Heheheheh. Seriously, it's so exciting that it's getting close! You look great. What a nice party. Love the clothesline, too.

Lindsay said...

Gosh..thanks everyone!

jenny said...

Looks like an awesome shower! My nursing cover is that same exact material as all that cute stuff you got and I love it! It's getting so exciting :)

honus and Cameron said...


Brandon and Katie said...

Okay okay I can make some more cupcakes my goodness!! I need to eat a few judging by that triple chin I've got going on in that one pic. Hahaha ragnar relay here I come! That really was a fun party and you are such a cute prego!!!! Can't wait for baby to come.

Jennifer Lyn said...

You are so cute prego! What a fun party! I decided to my girls room in pink and brown too! So much fun!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Looks like a great shower. I'm blown away by Tiffany's creative gifts. Where did she find water proof material and in just the right pattern? Her talent is incredible and you the lucky beneficiary! Wish I had the nerve to try something that crafty.