Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's the Final Countdown Part Deux

Well, I thought for sure that the previous post would be my last post before the long awaited arrival of our little Foley girl.'s okay though. She will come when she is ready. Although, I seem to get more and more ansy as I hear about other girls that were due AFTER me, having their baby's before me. Oh's not like she is not gonna come. I just need some extra patience. Scott and I decided to take a little drive to the beach last Sunday to take some 38 week pictures. The night was awesome...however, we waited till it was a little too dark to take the pics.

I swear I have lived in this skirt throughout my pregnancy. It may not have been the cutest thing in the world, but sure is comfortable.

Scott was playing photographer and was taking pictures from all different angles. I of course, chose the most "flattering" of them all (I don't know if you can combine flattering and pregnant in the same sentence).

This is what a prego girl looks like ready to have her baby.

This is what an excited soon-to-be dad looks like. Scott felt left out that we were not getting pictures of him. Okay, I lie, we all know how much he LOVES getting his picture taken. :)

This is a picture of a cute husband consoling his very pregnant wife who feels very ready to have her baby.
But for real, I am not even passed my due date yet. So I should not be complaining. I have had a great pregnancy and still feel really good. I am not OVERLY uncomfortable, and I have been sleeping pretty dang good lately (just hard to physically get out of bed). So, as many have told me, just enjoy these last few days with Scott as just "us" cause life ain't never gonna be the same again! So, that is what we are doing before little baby Foley's arrival.

Latest Update:
1 Cm dialated
80% effaced
Sorry if that is too much detail for the weak of stomach...


Cynthia said...

I can't believe it! You look so GOOD!!! I was that big at 6 mo.!!!
You look like you're made for having babies! We're getting eXcited!

the emily said...

You DO look good. I cannot wait for this baby to come!

Now. I have to say this. Most people I know (I'm not trying to make you mad or anything) do not go early with their first babies. In fact, it's probably way more common to go a week late than a week or two early with a first baby. The fact that you're effaced at all is like a miracle. Please don't kill me.

Good luck in the coming weeks!

Scott said...

Emily....I know I know. I am not mad. I have already come to terms with that idea. I am just so excited and the anticipation is killin me.

Vivian said...

You look Great. Must be a combination of being tall and being in top physical condition before getting preggers. I'm excited for Baby Girl to join us.

jenny said...

So close! That last week is the worst! I'll give you hope- Patrick was 3 days early. Try to enjoy these last peaceful days as much as you can though. As wonderful as babies are, your whole life is going to change and you can never get it back! But, holding your own baby for the first time....there are just no words to describe it :)

Gleason Family said...

Linds... you look so great! I will keep checking your blog. And hopefully the NEXT post will be about the arrival of the little Miss. :) CANNOT WAIT!!!! You are going to be an amazing momma! Good luck and enjoy the last few days of just you and Scott. (oh, and sleep... sleep sleep sleep.) :) Love ya!

J Fo said...

You guys are so cute! I wish that there was more of an exact science to when a you actually go in to labor. I never actually went in to labor until they started me, which was 10 DAYS after my due date! It seems like the last weeks just creep by and it can't come soon enough, and then after that it flies and you wish you could slow it down! Time is so subjective... ;) Good luck in the home stretch!

Annie O. said...

You look awesome! This last part takes forever, especially with later children. I totally remember the sweatpants thing. I told them that story at camp. Good luck, being a mom is way fun!