Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Well, there is not a ton to say except for I think that Scott and I have a cute baby girl. Although, let me vent for 1.2 seconds. If Ada is wearing a dress one day and a bracelet another day along with a pink and brown would think that people would only assume Ada is a girl! Twice, no I think it is three times now, people have asked me what "his" name was! I guess I am not really offended, at least I wasn't at church. Today for some reason, the lady at walmart that made the mistake bugged! Maybe I should only dress her in pink so there will be no confusion ( promise, not really mad, just SLIGHTLY, ever so slightly annoyed)

Daddy-daughter time

I call Ada the escape artist. I always swaddle her really tight at night and somehow she manages to wiggle an arm free or her legs and then I find her sideways in her bassinet. It makes me laugh, even at 4 and 5 in the AM

Check out those cute legs! I love the PJs that she is wearing in this pic, although they are a pain to get on.

Scott is great and gives me some nights off for me to do church or Mary Kay things. I guess she likes to be really fussy for him most of the time!!

We thought that it would be fun to take Ada to the Hillsborough County Fair. So we jumped in the car, drove over an hour to our destination and found the lamest fair in the world. After a couple of pig races, a corn dog, and a quick walk around the grounds, we jumped back into the car and headed home. least we tried. We had to laugh when we pulled up and there were barely any cars there.

I love this little dress that we have for her.

My mom got Ada this little outfit and we called her the jailbird. I love it. It was sad she only got to wear it for a few hours. She puked all over it. Side note: This outfit is 3-6 months and Ada is only 7 weeks! She is a beast, a pretty beast.

Scott was seeing if she would copy him by sticking out her tongue.

I love her facial expressions

My new best friend. Tiffany made this awesome sling for me and Ada LOVES it. She is not the best nap taker and will fall asleep for about 2-3 hours while she is in it. It is great for me because I can get things done while still holding her. Thanks for also showing me how to use it too, Tiff!

Funny story. Scott was burping her and he said that he knew she was going to puke. I told him, "No, she usually does not puke over the shoulder anymore..." Heheh...she let it all out, all over his clean shirt.

This is what the mornings are usually like...all smiles!


Vivian said...

I love the little jumper with the flower. Such a cutie. You're looking great, too! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa K said...

So cute!! I wish I were there so I could cuddle her!

the emily said...

Awww, she's so sweet! And don't be offended. I've had my boys dressed in head-to-toe blue and asked what "her" name is, same for several of my sisters and their girls in pink. It doesn't matter. People don't pay attention.

julz said...

love her!

Lindsay said...

Thanks everyone!

Em, I guess I wasn't too offended, it was more the timing. She was starting to get really fussy and I was getting flustered!

Thanks Vivian! Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas.

Steve said...

She's adorable Lindsay!! LOVE the pictures!

OramHouse said...

People always think I have boy/girl twins because one of them looks more like my boys than my daughter. I usually dress her in the more girly outift if I remember because I feel bad that she is always called a boy next to her sister. People really just don't think before they speak anyway most of the time.

The Fegers said...

yay, you're using the sling!
I showed Jodi how to use hers too. I LOVE that you guys are using those things. Hers doesn't have any padding on it. That would be easir to make:)

honus and Cameron said...

she is big for 7 weeks - wow - she going to be tall like her mommy... sweet!!!!! you look FANTASTIC as well - HOLY COW. I must say... i'm so impressed you are so out and about after 7 weeks - no rest for you missy.

ps. when i want to know a babies name - i always just ask "what is your babies name?" always more safe.

J Fo said...

People still mistake Emmy for a's the lack of hair. And I like to dress in less traidional girl colors. For some reason people are tricked by brown, even if it's paired with pink!

LOVE the pictures! I can't believe how big she is! I want to hear her stats when she has her next appointment.

I love how Scott looks at her in pictures. There's just something special about that Daddy daughter bond! (Not that I don't also see how much you love her when you look at her, but you get what I mean, right?!)

Gary said...

What a doll. Looking forward to December!

Tyson and Jen said...

Aweee! she is do dang cute! and she totally looks like GIRL!!! Don't worry Brody always get mistaken for a girl - even when he has dinosaurs on his outfit. whatev. looks like you guys are having fun with her!!! aren't babies just the best!! especially when they are your own!! :)

Boquinha said...

What a doll you have. She looks like a lot of fun! Cute, cute, cute!

we are GIBSON said...

Hi Lindsay,

I'm totally blog stalking you, but our babies are really close in age and I met you and Scott that one time at Greg and Jessica's...

Anyway, I think you should try these Kiddopotamus swaddling things. They have been awesome and my little boy calms down and sleeps like a champ since I started using them!

:) Megan