Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Uncle John and Black Friday

We had quite the week last week with it being Thanksgiving, my brother John visiting us and Black Friday.
John, my cutie pie younger brother came out from Oklahoma for the holiday. He is a dental student at University of Oklahoma and doing so good! He got to meet Ada for the first time and after her bouts of crying and meltdowns, he was in no hurry to have kids.

Black Friday. Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there was this awesome girl named, Lindsay. She decided that she wanted to get up at the "Butt crack of dawn," and wait in the crazy long lines of Target to get a new TV (Original plan was a 32" flatscreen). Her brother, John, was so excited to join her in the little adventure when she told him about it days prior. However, the night before the big escapade, John, chickened out and decided not to go. Lindsay's original thought was to leave a bottle with John so he could watch the baby and have her handsome husband, Scott join her, but after deep contemplation, Lindsay thought it best to go at it alone.
At 3:45 in the AM Black Friday, Lindsay jumped out of bed, threw on a sweatshirt and jeans (yes a bra too) and headed out. The line at Target was already as long as the building, but this only increased Lindsay's adrenaline. Waiting in line for over an hour was not so bad....it was the cold that got to her. She made friends with the nice couple behind her and since they were Black Friday pros, they carefully trained her on how to get the doorbusters. 5AM finally rolled around, the line started moving fast, and as soon as Lindsay stepped foot in Target, all hell broke loose. People were running everywhere, carts were zigzagging the isles, TV's hoisted into the air by twos and threes. Lindsay saw the TV that she and Scott decided on. "Oh no," she thought. "There are no more 32 inchers!"
Close to the empty pallet there was the next step up, 40" flat screens. Lindsay's new friend she met in line told her to grab one before they were all gone. So, after a minute of anxiously debating whether or not she should, she grabbed one. Within minutes, the pallet of 40" was empty. While standing in the middle of the isle, holding on to her new item, Lindsay tried many times to hoist the new TV in her cart. She soon realized with the people scattering by her and the awkwardness of the TV, she was not able to lift it. A nice looking young man was standing a few feet away from her and she politely asked him to help her lift the Flat Screen into her cart. He looked at her pathetically and shook is head, "No." "Jerk!" Lindsay thought. Finally an old man with no teeth came to the rescue. With his help and another random customer, the three were able to lift the TV into the cart. After getting a couple more items on the list, Lindsay was finally ready to get in line...which wrapped around half of the store. After an hour of waiting, Lindsay, with the help of another customer, loaded up her new possession in the back seat of her car and drove home a new woman!
The End

Merry Christmas to Scott and Lindsay from Mom and Dad Lovell! Thanks Mom and Dad.

John and I were having fun with Ada

John thought he could force Ada to smile. Such a tease

Thanks for coming John! We had a blast with you. And you know I am just kidding about Black Friday! You were tired and that is understandable.
And for those that read this blog entry in its entirety...congrats! I would have stopped half way through the story and just looked at the pictures. If any of you did that...I forgive you!


Cynthia said...

Well Lindsay I don't know what to tell you, butt, you have one very HANDSOME Brother!!!!! Loved your blog!

Steve said...

Oh man Lindsay...first off, way to go on deciding not to have john watch Ada. I was just saying the other day, that it's never a good idea to leave a young man, who has no kids of his own, with a baby...nothing against you john...also I was wondering who the crazy people are the do the whole black friday thing...and now I know! Good job with your purchase!!

julz said...

You go girl! I would have been there with you throwing elbows! I was sad no hot electronics are on our list this year. ps don't let John do that to Ada, it is mean. Good thing he made up for it with the little arm position. He looks like dad in that pic!

The Fegers said...

cool, looks good, I should go over and watch twilight w/ you or something:)

Jenny said...

I was up at the crack of dawn too. I didnt' get anything that good though. Next year I am going with a serious list. And our Walmart was awesome. They let us in the store at any time and then we had to get into the line of the item that we wanted and wait for the worker to have the go ahead. Then we weren't freezing. Can you imagine Black Friday in Michigan?

the emily said...

SWEET dude. We got a TV from my parents for Christmas last year! Love new TVs. You're so brave. I thought about going early but it's just TOO COLD here.

Boquinha said...

I think I missed the new-TV-for-Christmas memo. :P Congrats on the new gift! Way to go, Lovells (and Larsons).

So, I knew it!! I knew you didn't read long posts. I had one a while ago (don't remember which one) that referenced a funny thing about you right in the middle of it and you never responded. I knew it!!

(I did read the whole thing, by the way). Neener neener.

And that new Wal-mart set up is probably their way of stopping stampedes and not getting sued. Smart.

js014k9333 said...

Lindsay it is cold and wet and ihave just got in frozen and i clicked on to your Blog yeh i read it all and enjoyed every bit of it made me feel warm and happy and i love your new tv and seeing your beutifull daughter

Krimley said...

EWW...he actually said no?!?!

honus and Cameron said...

you are a champ - though you forgot to tell us wha ta great deal you got... i just don't think i could do it - though i guess you are use to getting up and feed, eh? very awesome

The Meesh said...

Look at you go superstar! I can't believe that guy wouldn't help you! Christmas spirit doesn't exist on Black Friday I guess.. psh.