Friday, January 15, 2010

What Can I Say... I am a Sucker for Pictures!

Ada loved meeting her Grandma and Grandpa Foley

Ada loving Grandpa Foley

Ada taking a little nap with Grandpa Lovell.

Scott and I spent our second year anniversary in San Fran and LOVED it. We went to Thai food and the sweet lady, seeing that Scott did not love his duck curry, gave us a free dessert. Too bad the dessert was pretty nasty and we both tried to force it down. I felt obligated to finish it cause she was so nice. Coconut milk and tapioca don't mix well for me.

After dinner, as we walked out the doors, we noticed UC Hastings (a school that Scott applied for but was denied) right across the street. Scott was letting his feelings come out in the picture.

Following dinner we went and saw Wicked! Loved it, loved it. We had a blast and even almost a month later, still get some of the songs stuck in my head during early morning feedings!

Cousin Andrew meeting Ada for the very first time. He loves little babies and they love him.

Jessica and her daughter, Emmy. We went and braved the Bay Area cold to see some Christmas lights.

Emmy and Maggie with Grandpa Foley
Christmas Morning. I am not posting mine and Scott's little family picture cause I look pretty trash nasty. We had fun opening gifts.

Uncle Michael hanging out with Emmy in her new tent/fort.

Emmy listening to some tunes.
Greg, Jessica, Scott and I all got to go to the Oakland Temple together. We had a great time.

If we look tired, it's because we were. Late night followed by early feedings.

Love the temple

Isaac and his Dad (Dave, Scott's brother) came out for Ada's baby blessing. We missed Emily and Noah (Emily is preggers). Isaac was really cute with Ada.


Scott's parents took the family to Pizza on our last night there. We had a good time.
The kids at the arcade. You gotta love Emmy's little face. She wanted to apart of all the action.

Jenny and Ada

All of the Foley girls minus 4ish (Emily, Stacy, Kate, and baby girl Foley)

I love bath time!

Scott with Emmy. I love this picture.

Notice the spikes? Love it

Shortly after this picture was taken, Ada had a major blowout! It was her worst one yet. Luckily, no clothes were completely stained and ruined. Thank goodness Gary escaped a scary mess on his church clothes!

Back in Sacramento. The Phillips plus a Dent came and visited the Lovell home. We had a blast.

Pretend there is not armpit hair staring back at you. I thought this picture was really precious.

I realized something during all the pics. First of all, most of them are from Benicia. My battery died shortly after going back to Sacramento so I had to depend on everyone else to take pictures AND, there were no pics with my mom. Sorry Mom. Ada still loves you!! :)


Boquinha said...

In the pre-blowout picture, Ada looks like she's thinking about getting to work on something right there in Gary's lap. You go girl!

Steve said...

Love seeing new pics! I'm sure it's nice being back home and back to normal life. Let me know about Ada's appointment.

megan... said...

Did I never tell you that while Thai desserts are gross? The food great- the dessert, umm, there are few worth trying- sticky rice and mango is safe and amazing!

the emily said...

totally NOT loving the picture of isaac picking his nose. i'm so sorry he ruined that picture. so embarrassing.

it sure looks like a fun christmas! i still get wicked songs stuck in my head (mostly "popular") and it's been a full year since i saw it.

Cynthia said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you were having fun in the Bay Area. Ada is really getting a very cute little personality!

Anonymous said...

we're you nervous dad was going to drop your daugther?

js014k9333 said...

i think it is beutifull at Oakland i went to look around the temple area with your Mom and Dad it was evening and all the bay area was lit
isnt Ada growing she is a beutifuu litt girl and her parents aint so bad as well
love steve

J Fo said...

We LOVED getting to see so much of you guys. It was such a nice trip. Thanks for hanging out with us. I love all of the pictures and I'm so glad that you brought your camera to the temple! Until next time!

honus and Cameron said...

She is SOOOOOO BIG!!! I've been out of reading blogs... coming out of my cave... feeling good. though so ready to lose a few pounds...

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

What a fun anniversary. I really want to see "Wicked!" too. San Francisco is a great tourist town.

I love the baby hoodie outfits. They're my favorite.