Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Well, it has been some time since the last post. It is not that I have been super busy, it's more just finding the motivation to upload the pics! I still have more to up load from my camera but the battery is dead, so my Christmas day post will come at another time.
We had the opportunity of blessing Ada while at my parents and had almost all family members from both sides. We missed you Juls, Brian, Steve, Lisa, Mark and Stacy.
Scott did a great job and I could not keep back the tears because the spirit was so strong.
Almost all of the Foley bros. Next time Mark and Stacy, next time :) Can't wait to visit you guys in PA.
Greg and Jessica surprised us with Ada's blessing dress. don't mind her socks! It was just too warm for tights. Ada was so tired, she had just woken up before we took this picture.
"Get me out of this dress and that camera out of my face!"
The Lovell brothers (minus Steve and Brian too).
A very proud, tired and sick momma (I was sick all of the following week with a nasty cold. Sorry for passing it on to everyone at the Lovells).
Visiting after the blessing.
The famous Lovell hall that every visiting kid know about. The toys are stocked. Emmy and Tate trying to play nice.
Andrew and Audrey....hmmmm....potential romance?? Maybe, eh?

Andrew and Isaac
Just hangin out with Dad.
Bright eyes!
Audrey was so cute with Ada. She would come and talk to her using the cutest voice

Ada LOVES Uncle Chad. She can be really fussy and he will just scoop her up in his big arms and start humming a catchy tune. That usually settles her down right away.

Our good friend Katie Walker made a two hour trek to OV, so we all went to lunch. Her son Ben is so dang cute.
Princess Anna
Ben and Anna just hanging out. Anther romance in the making???
Finally smiling for the camera. Ada has an obsession of having stuff in her mouth, for example, fingers, Binky's, my chin. It is pretty funny to see her attack those items.
Lukie! Does not get much cuter.
Ada loves her Daddy!

We had a blast hanging out with Katie and Ben. Thanks again for driving out, Katie.

So some other fun milestones that Ada has either reached or is close to reaching:
1. She is talking a ton
2. In her bouncy chair, she can now reach out and grab the hanging toys (although, she does not know how to let go)
3. She can hold her head up without much wobbling
4. Ada can LOL
5. She recognizes mine and Scott's voice and will smile when she hears it
I am sure there are more, but it is so much fun seeing how much she is changing and growing.
Since I have dropped dairy from my diet (almost completely. I sometimes sneak a bite of chocolate), Ada has been so much happier and way less fussy. Although it has been pretty hard for me at times, it has been worth it having a happy baby.
Anyway, we head back to Florida next week and are both looking forward to getting back to a schedule and out of suitcases, but have had a great time spending time with the families.


the emily said...

It looks so fun! I don't love living out of a suitcase, especially with a baby, but it is so nice to be with family at this time of year. Did you not have a blessing dress for Ada already?

Jennifer Lyn said...

We had so much fun hangin with you guys! And meeting Ada! She is so adorable. I love her blessing dress. So cute!

Natalie said...

I can't believe how big Ada is getting, she is so beautiful! Love that smile!!

Cynthia said...

LOVED the post!!! The blessing was perfect!! Very Special!!! It's been GREAT having everyone here!
Ada is Adorable!

Boquinha said...

Thanks for thinking of us! :) Don't forget Emily--she was missing out, too!

Lindsay said...

Emily!!! Sorry, we missed you too!!! It is funny how I forget things when I am typing one handed!

I have some really cute pictures of Isaac that I will post as soon as I get home and get my camera battery charged!

Lovell Family said...

alright, in this set of pictures she looks more like Scott to me...hmm...I guess she's a good mix! She looks like she has a lot of hair in these pics too, is she loosing some or not?

J Fo said...

Such an action packed few weeks you've had! The blessing dress was our pleasure! She did look pretty dang adorable in it, didn't she?! WE were so glad to be able to hang out with you guys and thanks for letting me smother Ada all the time. I think the best part was being able to go to the temple with you guys. It was really special. See ya soon, (if only through the blog world for a while).