Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dancing Queen

So I work with the Young Women in church and last night I had the wonderful opportunity of chaperoning a dance. Now those of you who know me, know that I love a good dance. I have not been to one in YEARS (youth dance that is). I was not the best of chaperone's cause I spent a lot of time dancing with my girls. Gabi (in the middle) is one of my girls. She is 15 and TALLER than me. She is awesome.
This was a regional dance and it was about an hour away! Sheesh. Here are some of the youth from our ward.

They had the guys on one side of the dance floor and girls on the other. They then played the song, "Hey Baby...I wanna know...would you be my...girl/guy." When it was they guys turn, they would scream their part as loud as they could while walking towards the girls and vice versa. It was so cute and funny and took just about everything out of me not to jump in with the girls.

My good friend Jackie (in the red) and her sister in law (I can't remember her name!) are YW leaders in a different ward. We had a good time dancing!! Jackie got asked to dance by one of the youth. He realized his mistake after the words escaped his mouth. He was a little embarrassed and so was she!

My little Karen. We were dancing to Thriller and I was getting a little crazy! Scott said that we look alike?

I had such a fun night. I probably danced a little TOO much but it felt so good. I may be an ole Momma now, but I still got moves! :)


Cynthia said...

Very Cute girls!!! Looks like you were having a FUN night!

Sam and Jackie Chapman said...

That's right we still got the moves even after having babies!!! I just had a blast and I'm just glad that another person loves to dance as much as me and Christina (that's her name by the way :-)!

OramHouse said...

That's what I loved about being in YW, especially since I didn't join the Church until after high school. It was like a do-over! And I was always the YW Pres. dancing with the girls (there was one other from the stake who would as well, but the others just looked at us and shook their heads!) --Kaci

JonandLo said...

Oh yeah, I remember lindsay's got some good ones. Love the shirt and sassy!

J Fo said...

I wish I could have been there to witness those moves!

Tiffany said...

that's my little brother in the mix with you guys too! they're so lucky to have a fun YW leader. and yea, it's Christina (Jackie's SIL).