Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Latest

I guess we should stay more up-to-date with pictures because before we know it, Ada is almost 5 months old and there are a ton of cute pictures to post!
First of all, some stats:
Weight (as of a few weeks ago):15lbs 9ounces-90th percentile
Height: 26 inches-98th percentile
Head: Can't remember exactly but I do know it was 40th percentile. How the heck can that be?? Both Scott and I have quite large noggins. Oh well.
So, these first couple of pictures I really should have Scott write about them. Picture this. Sunday at church, Ada wearing a brand new red and white striped dress. Very cute. Well, she had not pooped all week and I swear, she saves her big blowouts for church. So I am teaching my young women's lesson and one of the leaders points outside and I see Scott walking around with Ada. I thought, "Oh, she must be struggling." I then move on with my lesson. I had a quick meeting after church so I went to find Scott to let him know I was going to be a few minutes. To my surprise, Ada was pretty much naked (she had a diaper on) and was cradled in Scott's arms. She was perfectly content, smiling in fact. I looked at Scott and he told me about her huge blowout. I was teaching so he had her third hour and he was sitting in Priesthood when it all happened. Once her duty was done, Scott left to sneak in the Mothers Lounge to change her. One of the new mom's checked to make sure there was no BOB's (Babies on Boobs), when a lady walked in so he had to wait. When he finally was able to change her, it was a pretty big mess. Needless to say, poop got on the changing table in the Mothers Room. Scott searched my diaper bag and found no clean outfit to change her into (In all fairness to me, though, there WAS a little sweatsuit, but since it was pink, it blended in with the bag and he did not notice). The same mom who checked the room offered to lend her spare outfit to Ada (our daughters are about 6 weeks apart...but Ada is already wearing 6 month outfits) but she laughed when she asked what size she was wearing. People were commenting to Scott when he was in the foyer asking him if she was cold, then another old lady told him that she ALWAYS brought a change of clothes. YEAH...we usually do too!! Anyway, I was pretty mortified seeing my baby practically naked at church. Oh well, it was still pretty funny. Scott would have told this much better.

Happy Ada after her usual Sunday blowout

We had two couples in our ward move within the same week! Lame. Katie (the one in black) and Liz (the gal just to the right of her) are both prego! Yeah!!

Busch Gardens offers a pretty sweet deal to Florida residents. If you buy a one day pass, you can re-use it all year. We decided to invest again and actually use it more often.

Our big girl!

Friday night we made shiskabobs (no clue how to spell them and don't feel like looking it up) and used our little grill. Hmmmm....little shiskabobs should not take 45 minutes to cook, but they did. We are still learning how to be master bbqers. They still tasted pretty good.

Aren't they beautiful?

Ada is so much fun! I love watching her discover new things. She loves to grab anything in site and then scratch it or put it in her mouth. She is now rolling over and sleeping on her stomach (which freaked me out for a minute). I wish I could record every sound that she makes because some of them are pretty dang funny. She actually screamed at me the other day before nap time. So, is she going to have a temper???
Anytime we change her diaper, she lifts her legs up and grabs them now. So cute! She still has one eye with some brown in it, and the other eye is still blue/gray.
I just love this sweet baby!
Scott watches Ada every Tuesday night so I can go to my Mary Kay meetings. I think he enjoys the one on one time with the crazy little girl. Here is some footage he got while I was gone.
Ada is getting quite the belly laugh so I love trying to get it out of her. I can't tickle her too much, though cause she gets angry!!



Cynthia said...

What a surprise to just check the blogs and find a NEW one to look at!!! Very Cute!!! I'm thinking she looks like a little Foley. Enjoyed the stories.

Cynthia said...

ps you might try putting the lid on when you barbecue. That might make a difference. We usually do with ours.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

The Shish Kabobs DO look delicious! Love the update on Ada's Sunday blow outs. Sadie tends to get these the day she gets a bath. These babies are delightful!

JonandLo said...

Brenton loved to poop at church too!! I think they know these things. She is quite the gabber that Ada =) And wow, time if flying...she is getting so big. I think she is all LINDSAY!!

James & Kathy said...

Right after we talked on the phone about feeling like horrible mom's if we forgot a change of clothes, MaryKate had a gigantic blowout at church in her white dress and went home partially nude too! Got to love it! She is so precious. Love the pick of her discovering... what pretty big eyes & delicious looking shishkabobs!

the emily said...

Oh my gosh, why do babies always have blowouts at church?! It's ridiculous. Scott's a real trooper for staying there. I would've left and come back to pick you up. Do your mens rooms not have changing tables? Out of control. Don't worry, we've had nude babies at church before too.

Oh, and our babies both had pin heads. Generally about 50th percentile for everything, but their heads were always 10th. Must be a Foley thing.

Jennifer Lyn said...

She is so cute! And I love the blow-out story. It always seems to happen at church or the one day you forget an extra change of clothes. She is adorable!

Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful! I love the pictures. What a hilarious story! Totally reminds me of when Caleb was blessed. Lynn took Josie out to change her, and came back with her in just a diaper. They didn't have a change with them, and she'd wet through pretty badly. We had to wrap her in a blanket! Now they always take a change of clothes, even though she's potty trained!

J Fo said...

LOVE all the pics! She is getting so big so fast. I miss you guys so much, gosh darn it! Keep the pics and videos coming!

Lovell Family said...

love the updates...Ada looks huge...she seems quite happy and content!

JeffnJenna said...

I loved the video clips, especially the one with Scott trying to get her attention. What a funny girl. Thanks for the updates! It makes us feel closer to you :).

jenny said...

Great pictures!!! She is growing up so fast. Love that big smile! So cute!!!!!! :)

Gary said...

Sure miss that little girl but we have her picture on our entertainment unit with a light shining on it so I get to see here every night.

Greg and Abbey said...

I loved the updates! Such a cutie!! I love to hear what she's doing, because it's just what Kate is doing! :) Except for the blowouts at church :) It's great ya'll are having soooo much fun! We are too. Kate had her 4 month apt on feb 2nd and she weighed 15.8lbs. (86th% i think). 25 in. (93%) and head is like 70 or 80%. She just started grabbing things about 2 weeks ago!!! Loved that! She just started grabbing her feed a few days ago! it's SOOOO exciting to see her learn new things! She kinda how a bobcat sound too. I'll try to upload the video. Anyway, take care!