Monday, June 21, 2010

9 Months

So, Ada is 9 months now!
She really is the happiest baby ever. One thing that I love about this little baby is that when she smiles, she smiles with her eyes. She has this light that is contagious and I can't help but swell with a little bit of pride when people comment on it (even if some people think she is a boy at first!!!). :)
One thing we are loving to do is to "wrestle" with Ada. She is starting to crawl all over us and she loves the play time before bedtime.
In this picture, Ada takin down her Daddy! PINNED!

She loves hanging upside down. In fact, if I have Ada laying on my lap, she will arch her back and try to go upside down.

She still does not pull herself up, but I know she is strong enough to do it. Ada will take hold of our fingers while laying on her back and we will pull her into a standing position.

We took Uncle Chad to get some Frozen Yogurt. Ada had her first taste of sorbet (sugar and dairy free) and I have video footage of it below.

Ada LOVES the bath, pool, anything with water. She is our little fish. I hope that she does not get scared or bored with the water.

Ada hanging out with Grandpa

So the first video should be Ada finally crawling like a baby should crawl, although she still prefers the army crawl. Second video is her reaction to frozen yogurt. She gives the best faces!

Some more exciting things are:
1. Ada's top teeth finally broke through the skin and her incisors are following closely behind. As much as I hear how painful teething is, Ada has been an angel. She has her moments where you know she is really hurting, but overall has been great.
2. She loves eating oyster crackers, mushed up bananas, Gerber puffs, potatoes, and little bites of cake (not turning into a habit with cake)
3. She loves games. We give her a binky during naps and night time sleep. As soon as she wakes up, she knows that she no longer gets her binky. As soon as I come to get her in the morning, she will start playing with her binky and smiling because she knows that I am going to take it and throw it to the other side of the crib. She will crawl as fast as she can after it and start banging it against the bar, or her other binky that we have in her crib.
4. Ada loves clapping. If I start clapping and say, "Yeah," she smiles so big and starts to clap. So dang cute.
5. Ada is a social butterfly. She will talk really loudly and start to yell if people are not paying attention to her. She especially loves other little kids. She will smile and laugh at them till they look over at her, then she starts to just go crazy!
6. She is still an awesome napper and sleeper! Makes me so happy!
7. Ada LOVES books! We try to read to her before all of her naps and bedtime and she sits still (most of the time) and you can tell that she is really paying attention. There is one book that has flaps, and she knows where to pull all of the flaps up. I love seeing her learn.
I feel so blessed to have a happy baby. I know that things can change and she can become very difficult, but for now, she is so dang happy and fun!


Cynthia Lovell said...

I would agree!!! She is a Very Happy Baby!!!! She's just a little Joy to have around!!! She is Very Social!

Anonymous said...

She's a sweetheart! I heard that you might be in Idaho sometime this summer, so I'm looking forward to seeing you and playing with Ada!!

Love you guys!

Lovell Family said...

Hey, remember when I tried to offer her a graham cracker and you said, "we're not doing sugar..." one of saiges fav's lately is otter pops. I figure it probably feels good on her teeth!

Vivian said...

I'd love to see Ada crawling, but I didn't get that video. I'm glad she is still a happy baby, even through teething. Miss you guys.

JeffnJenna said...

I love seeing all these pictures of Ada. Her smile really lights up my day! I'm glad you've been blessed with such a sweetheart.

JonandLo said...

I agree..she does seem to smile w/ her eyes cute! It's so fun when their real personality starts coming out. I'm thinking she may be just like her mom (loving fun and loving people)

J Fo said...

Oh SO dang cute! LOVE her face with the frozen yogurt. So funny! What a sweet happy baby! Are you guys still coming to UT this summer at all? We need to coordinate if you are!

The Zimmermanns said...

I have officially stalked you. First I found you on facebook and now Im reading your blog...

The Zimmermanns said...

I have officially stalked you. First I found you on facebook and now Im reading your blog...