Saturday, June 5, 2010

You Have Missed Us, Huh?

Warning: A ton of pictures to be seen.
For those of you who didn't know, Scott and I are in Sacramento for the summer. He is interning at the Attorney General's office and so here we are!
Scott drove out with his dad while Ada and I flew (which I am so glad that we did). He had to come two weeks early to get fingerprinted so we joined him in his home town of Benicia and spent a week at his parents just playing and relaxing.
We went to the Thursday night market and had a great time just walking around. Benicia is really a beautiful place. Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering, Scott had to borrow my sunglasses cause his broke. :)

Ada loved Benicia too. Okay, to be honest, she loves everything! I don't think I have ever seen a happier baby. She is so pleasant and fun to be around. I think she is making up for the first few months of life.

Ada with Grandpa Foley. I think that this is a sweet picture.

We went to a few little league baseball games. One thing that we did not think of is that Northern California can still get pretty cold. I ended up wearing my father-in-law's winter coat and was still cold. I guess we have a little bit of Florida in our blood now.
My brother and his family came out to Sac town for Memorial Day and we got to meet Saige for the first time.
Saige is two weeks older than Ada. They were best buds almost immediately. We had to remind them though that poking each other in the eyes is not acceptable. They were so cute together. Saige would growl at Ada while Ada would yell. What a pair.

We took a little mini vaca to San Francisco and had a blast. Scott was able to come with us for the day (Memorial Day), but had to leave that night because his internship was starting the following morning. Sniff...working man.
Easton and Zach-Attack are complete opposites. Easton is reserved and tentative while Zach is crazy and has no fear. Cute, cute boys. We spent our first day at San Francisco Zoo. The boys loved it.

The four grand kids. Ada knows what the camera is. We have taught her well to smile for the it. She gets so excited when we pull it out

Our little family

Day 2 in San Fran. Lisa and I with our little girls.

My parents with Steve. We had a great time. Thanks Mom and Dad for making it happen.

What a difference between the Gulf and Pacific. Oh how I have missed those waves.

INSANE I tell you INSANE! Anyone that has ever been to any beaches in San Fran know that the water is FAREEZING! We used to do the same thing as kids though. My parents would take us to the beach and we would just want to get our feet wet and before we knew it, we would be soaked and freezing.

Steve and Saigey

The boys were so cold that they laid down on the warm sand. They then asked to be buried. We used to do the same thing as well. It felt nice getting covered in the sand, but the clean up was not so pleasant. It hurts!

We wore the little babies out. Ada struggled taking afternoon naps because so much was going on. This particular night, she fell asleep on my shoulder as we were walking home from dinner, and she did not wake up when I changed her poopy diaper and set her down.

Our last day we hit up the Exploritorium. Such a fun place. The boys LOVE Uncle Chad. In fact, all of the nieces and nephews just love him to death.

Feeding the ducks, er, I mean the seagulls and penguins with Grandma and Grandpa.

Bestest cousins.

Today Scott and I went to Folsom and took a little walk down to the Natomus River (I think that is what it is called). The water is very cold.

After her afternoon nap, we went swimming. Her diaper (not a swim diaper) got very soggy so we decided to let her swim in the nude. She LOVES the water and did not want to get out. Not until she slurped some of it up and started coughing. She splashes like a mad woman.

This past week we have started feeding Ada grown up food which has caused an aversion to baby food. This is what she looks like after she eats.

We always end the night with a good book!
PS: Gary and Vivian, I accidentally took this book from your home. It will be returned. :)

So, hopefully, we have caught you up to speed a little!


Tiffany said...

hi, yes we miss you. where did all of her humungus smiles come from?! i don't like that she's going to be all grown up when she comes back. oh well. have fun!

Lindsay said...

I know, Tiff! she smiles so big, I love it!!!

OramHouse said...

A clerk at my husband's firm is interning at the AG office as well this summer. That will be a great experience for your husband! Your little girl is too cute as well. Hopefully the rest of law school goes quickly for you...I feel your pain (even though mine is over!)

the emily said...

That looks like a really fun couple of days, especially the beach! I could use a beach nearby.

How cold do your winters in FL get?

Ada is just the CUTEST. I love these pictures! Must be nice to have your own pool, 'cause a naked baby at a public pool would cause an evacuation! :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip! Wow, she has really grown since you left the blogging world! There is no way she is already in some of those clothes! Love her, and I am so excited to see you soon!

Lindsay said...

Emily, Florida winters are pretty mild although, this last winter it got down into the high 30's some of the days. Freezing for us.

Amy C said...

I think John wished he spent last weekend with you guys instead...

Lovell Family said...

Hey...we fed the penguins? or the pigeons? ;) Cute post...let me know when the CD is in the mail! :)

JeffnJenna said...

It's always fun to see the cousins getting together...especially to see Saige and Ada together finally :). Such cute girls, both of them! You and Scott and Ada are beautiful, I love seeing you all always so happy together. Love you!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I love Benicia too. It's a gem. It does get windy there. Enjoy your time in California!

Jaynee said...

ada's growing up fast. but no, we haven't missed you a bit. ;-)
(Kidding of course)