Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I can't help but Smile

Very long (If you just want to see pictures and videos, skip the reading and scroll down)


So, I am not going to lie, it has been a very long week. I woke up Sunday not feeling super great, and new that I had to get some antibiotics. I didn't want to wait too long so I just went to the docs. I did make sure and go to Sacrament meeting first (I needed a little spirituality). SO, I am at the docs for like two hours . It was kind of nice, I got to relax on one of the beds and watch TV. Anyway, I got my prescription and was on my merry way. It was fast Sunday mind you. I took my first pill on an empty stomach and with not much fluid (Duh, what was I thinking). Around 8PM I start feeling really achy and feverish. "Crap!" was my thought. Well, it was one thing after another these last 2 1/2 days. Sunday night, I guess, Monday early morning, I wake up with major chills. I was so cold, and shivery (Is that a word?) so I crank the heat up in the tub and jump in it. Our tub is short, I am tall, so you can imagine how I maneuvered to stay warm, it was a funny site. After getting out of the tub, I start thinking, "Hmmm, I have the urge to throw up." I HATE throwing up. Absolutely hate it. Dinner was fighting in my stomach so I decided to give it a go. Yup, up came dinner and the nasty Apple Pie I attempted to make.


I wake up (actually just open my eyes cause I didn't really fall asleep), and I am feeling a TINY bit better. I was really looking forward to the holiday because there was a big stake activity at a splash park and there are a lot of young couples we just met, and old friends I wanted to see. Also, I want Ada to interact with other kids and people to get her over her "Stranger Anxiety." After contemplating, we decide it best not to go. So Monday Scott watched Ada pretty much the whole day, I was miserable and paranoid that I was allergic to my medication. I had a fever all day and was increasingly feeling more and more guilty not being able to really help out with anything. I laid there like a slug. Scott bathed Ada, fed her, put her down for all naps, and bed. Thanks Honey! (Haha...he hates it when I call him such names)


Another sleepless night and a bath. I woke up in the middle of the night with chills and fever again and probably shouldn't have, but took a bath. I forgot to mention I had the worst headache starting Sunday night. HORRIBLE. I felt like my brain was trying to burst its way out of my skull (no exaggeration). So the headache and body aches are keeping me up. The bath felt good, but still didn't help me sleep. I called my Doctor Brother-in-law many times along with the ER to make sure I should still keep taking the meds. "Yes" was the answer. I did start feeling a little better Tuesday and thought for sure I was on the mend. Nope...we decided to grab a taco (Yeah gross when you are nauseous) and take Ada to the park. By the time we are there and in the play area, the heat and my nausea take over. I don't eat, and we leave soon after. Ada loved it though. My fever came back by the time we got home and I down, trying to sleep. Scott once again, took care of Ada. Oh and I can't forget to mention the blessing that Scott and our good friend gave me Tuesday night. I finally decided I better not mess with this.


Yes, another sleepless night, but I can tell you, I woke up feeling loads better. I woke up multiple times in a cold sweat because my fever had broken. The only complaint I really had was my body felt like I had worked out hard core for a week. No kidding. My neck, knees, lower back, and shoulders were so stiff. Talk about uncomfortable. And another weird thing still going on is the tingling in my legs and arms when I stand up. I feel kinda silly cause I have to shift side to side to keep the blood going. Oh yeah, and I noticed that I had a weird rash all over my legs (I thought it was razor burn), but then I noticed that it was also all over my torso, arms and other places :). Heat rash. Yup, and it itches. So, today I took it really easy. Around 1 I showered and brushed my teeth, put some cute clothes on and makeup. I ran a couple of errands, and tried to keep the blood flowing in my legs. I was actually hungry so I told Scott I wanted Pizza. I know, not the best food especially after not really eating anything since Sunday night, but that is what my body wanted and my body loved it! I could only eat 2 pieces though.

Why did I blog about this? Well, I was struggling a lot with being sick. I don't know HOW to be sick and a mom and wife at the same time. Luckily Scotts schedule allowed him to be available to help me, but what if he wasn't? I guess I would have just had to improvise. I am so glad that I can be a mom and wife again and not be feeling sorry for myself. I am curious to know how other mothers do it? I kept thinking how much of a wimp I was because I couldn't stand up long enough to hold Ada. I thought of my sis who broke her foot and didn't go to the doc for a couple of weeks because she only thought it to be a sprain. And when she was in labor all night, she fell asleep through some contractions, took a shower, made her hair all cute, THEN went to the hospital to find that she wouldn't have time for an epidural. Strength is what she has. I want to be stronger and be able to handle the little hurdles that I get faced with and not feel like I am letting someone down for not accomplishing what I wanted or being there for someone who needs me. ANYWAY, I decided, after this very long post, to post a couple of pictures and videos that make me smile. And that makes everything all better.

Ada is starting to take her first steps. It is too cute.

I give all of the credit to Scott for Ada's belly laugh. He started it and I finished.


The Zimmermanns said...

We all just got over that same thing. It started with Jason, and the me and the tommy, luckily it spared Lyla. Alot of puke was flushed down last week!

OramHouse said...

You'll get used to doing it all and being sick. I've had days where we all sit around and watch t.v. and I literally throw cheerios on the ground to feed my kids:) Your strength increases each time something like this happens and then it gets easier!

Lovell Family said...

It's no fun to be sick and be a mom! Glad you're feeling better!

Greg and Abbey said...

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry for a horrible few days you've had. I don't think you should feel so bad about not being able to help with Ada and Scott. If Scott was sick, you'd totally understand. I know he feels the same. I'm so glad he could help out. :) Hope you get all better soon.

Savage fam said...

I'm sorry about your being sick & HOPE you are feeling better!!! LOVE the pictures of Ada & especially the little clips!!! We've watched them several times!!!
Very Cute!!!!

Savage fam said...

I am sure you can tell by all of the puncuation marks that the last comment was mom and not me:) You're so strong linds! Don't feel guilty a bit!! you're all in this together:) Love ya- miss ya!

Lindsay said...

Thanks everyone! I am feeling much better.

the emily said...

Being sick and a mom is possibly the worst thing to ever happen to humanity. But this is how you do it: you have no choice. If Scott hadn't been home (at work, school, or on a vacation), you just do it. You want to die rather than drag yourself out of bed, but your kid is more important and so you do it. I'm not saying you sit and play and do crafts and go to play group, but you do what you have to do: dress, change, feed, bed, you know, the basics, and then you collapse and cry. Unless you have 2 other kids that require your attention, and in that case you lay on the couch and say "yeah, uh huh" and then act out your part of the transformers game while falling asleep. It's motherhood. It sucks.

Hope you're feeling better!

JeffnJenna said...

Lindsay, that sounded so hard, sorry you had to suffer through that. But you know what they say--"what don't kill ya only makes you stronga..." Glad you're well now!

I had to listen to Ada's belly laugh multiple times, that was the best!

Jenny said...

Yep linds, your'e pretty much a wimp. enough said. (giggle, giggle)

but really? what is up with you and forever fevers?

Brandon and Katie said...

okay that laugh is toooo cute!!! i was giggling through the whole thing. steele is starting to smile and "coo" at me and it makes my day. can't wait for him to laugh!! so fun.

p.s. a few weeks ago i woke up with the MAJOR chills, shaking, fever, etc... luckily mine only lasted a day or so but that is rough. i'm glad you're all better.

Boquinha said...

What a great belly laugh!

It is tricky to be sick and do the normal stuff -- that's why you can't have the same expectations of yourself sick as you do well. It is what it is. One thing I've learned is that people who work outside the home get "sick days" -- for stay-at-home parents, your spouse's sick days are your sick days. You both share them. Be gentle with yourself -- your best is good enough. Glad you're feeling better!

honus and Cameron said...

so so sorry. haven't had to deal with taht yet.. just the every day mother exhaustion. hee hee... glad you are alittle better????? ps. scotts hair is almost as long as yours... hee he

Kristin said...

I haven't blogged FOREVER!!!! Your daughter is getting so big! Miss y'all. xoxo

JonandLo said...

I LOVE the laughing! Oh it's so cute...there is nothing more fun that getting them to laugh. I remember spending hours doing that w/ Jon. And the being sick is rotten when your a mom...just rotten!