Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun Times With the Grandparents

The week before graduation, we were able to have some pre-graduation fun with the parents. Gary and Vivian came first and they partied hard. We got them on Sunday for dinner and visiting, then Monday and Tuesday they played hard during the day and we met up with them for dinner. Wednesday, we spent the whole day with them in Clearwater. The beach was perfect! This was our first time in the Gulf this year and it was a really fun day. Ada loved going into the water and could have walked forever had we let her. The funny thing was, she had absolutely no interest in going in the water with me. Every time I asked her if she wanted to go with me she would say, "Grand-PA, Daddy!" I see where the love is! She really loves her Grandpa's and Daddy. Grandma and Grandpa Foley taking Ada out for a little walk/wade in the water.

Ada did great with no nap. She only had a couple of minor meltdowns, but overall handled her no-nap day quite well.

My parents joined us on Thursday and we took everyone to Tarpon Springs (Sponge Capitol of the World). We spent the first part of our day walking around/exploring the area. There were a lot of people advertising dolphin tours which sounded like fun, so we bought tickets. There was some time before we headed for the boats so we grabbed some lunch at a local Greek Restaurant (Did I mention that Tarpon Springs was founded by Greeks?). Anyway, while we were eating, one of the servers brought out a meal to another table, that she torched. Well, Ada is terrified of "Hot" things and she was tired. I have never seen her so scared. She screamed, covered her face, and cried. She started yelling, "Hot, hot!" She usually calms down pretty fast, but I couldn't get her to stop crying. It was actually really sad. The waitress felt so bad that she brought out some maraschino cherries for Ada to eat. Maraschino cherries? Yeah, first thing I thought of was...well that will be a sticky mess, but then I was appreciative for the effort the waitress made into making Ada happy again. Although it didn't really work. My dad was finished eating, so he put her in her stroller to take her for a walk to hopefully fall asleep. We get out of lunch and she is running around the courtyard like a mad woman. My dad didn't know we wanted her to sleep and bought some ice cream instead and shared it with her. Ha. She loved that!
After lunch, we headed to the boat to go on our tour. It really was fun. They took us out to a little island where we got to collect shells. Ada was in heaven. And we saw dolphins. So fun!

Dad and Ada hanging out on the boat

Scott and his parents

Collecting shells. Doesn't that water look delicious? I wanted to go swimming so bad and the temperature was perfect! In fact, one guy did strip down to his briefs and took a swim. I think that he was a foreigner

I was not overly excited to give Ada her very own ice cream. My goal was to just share with her, but when she saw everyone with their very own ice cream cone, she just had to have her own. In fact, there was a full blown tantrum when I tried to share with her. She won the fight. She got what she wanted and made a huge mess in return! In fact, when I gave her the ice cream, she she knew that I was defeated! Little stinker

Mom, Dad, Gary and Vivian, we had a great time and were very spoiled! Thanks for sharing our last week of Florida with us and taking us on some fun adventures. We love you!
And my Florida friends that still read the blog...we miss you!!


Cynthia Lovell said...

We had a Great time!!! I started to laugh when I read the part about your dad taking care of Ada and her running around like a mad woman. ha ha ha We really enjoyed our last visit to Florida.

the emily said...

What a fun trip! I'm aching for that water right now. Looks so amazing.

Mom said...

Thanks, Scott for going to school in Florida. Otherwise we would not have had one of our best vacations ever :)

J Fo said...

Oh the beach just sounds dreamy right now. What a fun thing to have both sets of parents visit! I get defeated by emmy all the time and she knows it. I hate that!

Boquinha said...

That beach looks amazing!! So inviting. I love the beach. Congrats to Scott - that's great. Looks like it was a good visit with everyone and that Ada kept everyone entertained! :)

Jaynee said...

wow ada has changed soooo much! she is adorable still :)