Sunday, October 30, 2011

A little of our new life

No, Ada isn't the crazy sister, just happened to get her with her eyes half closed (or shall I say, half open?). She loves holding and kissing baby Ivy. Cuddle time with Daddy.

Everyone has been a little wiped out.

Now only if she let us put her down more often!

Ada got a scooter and helmet for her birthday. She is getting quite good at riding it.

Too cute!

Her clothes are either shrinking or she is just growing up.

We went to the pumpkin patch with some of Ada's favorite people. She had a great time.

Ivy came along for the ride but slept the whole time.

For some reason Ada was afraid of the tractor ride, but I made her go on it anyway. Horrible I know. She did find a cool pumpkin out in the patch, though.

Ada seems SO huge to us now. She is starting to play more on her own now, rather than needing all of our attention, so that has been helpful with the whole transition.

We are loving our crazy life and couldn't be happier with our two beautiful little girls!

(I think Ivy wanted some of Ada's fruit snacks)


Cynthia Lovell said...

Very Cute Post!!! We LOVE having you here!!!!! It's so much FUN to see our little babies grow up! Ivy is a beautiful baby and Ada is little Miss Personality! (FYI We think the same about our other grandchildren also and Wish we could see MORE of them!!!)

Ellie said...

That pic of Jason and Ada is so CLASSIC. I swear, Jason doesn't know how to take pictuers! I have one of Ada and Lyla in the wagon. I need to send it your way.

the emily said...

I love babies sleeping on their dads. It's the best thing ever. You have the cutest girls!

J Fo said...

LOVE those girls! It is so weird to see them get big and be more independent. But SO nice for Mom, too!

Boquinha said...

Wow, Ivy is SUCH a doll! And look how big Ada is getting!! What cuties.