Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nothin Like a Little Humor at 5:30AM

So, I feel like Ada has been sick a TON this last year. She usually is so full of energy that it makes me sad to see her moping around. Anyway, these past few days, she has had a nasty chest cold. I feel pain when she coughs that's how bad it sounds. Early this morning just as I was crawling back in bed after putting Ivy back down, I heard Ada's hoarse cry (she sounds like a little man right now). She rarely wakes up during the night so I went in to check on her. She was sitting up and said:

Ada: Mom, I want to lay down

Me: Okay, let me help you

I help her lay down and start to tickle her face

Ada: Mom, close your eyes and go back to bed

Me (holding back a laugh): Okay

Scott went back in 20 min later and she told him to tuck her back in to give her two dolls and to leave the door open a crack (she is big onto trying to get us to keep the door open)

He came back in and a few minutes later she was crying. By this time (30 min had passed by) we decided to bring her in bed with us (which we have never done before). I thought she would like that. I laid her in between us and told her to close her eyes. She just stared at me. I thought this would be a real treat for her, but no. In her cracked voice she said, "Mom, bring me back to my own bed."

Me: Okay

And then I made Scott bring her back.

I thought it was pretty funny (but sad at the same time). I can't wait until she is healthy again!


Ellie said...

Poor Girl! We're having sleepless nights around here too, maybe its been the full moon! Hope she feels better soon.

the emily said...

That poor thing. I've tried the same with Zoe before and she always wakes up more than before if I put her in our bed. She doesn't get that it's supposed to be a treat. I have to take the boys back to their beds several times a week, but Zoe would much rather be in her bed.

Cynthia Lovell said...

I am just amazed at her vocabulary & her sentences. She's really fun to have around and it's so sad to see her sick!

Lovell Family said...

get that girl healthy...otherwise, we are staying home....yeah right! Can't wait to see you guys! I'm sure she'll be feeling fine by then...and Saige should get something to pass on by then! :)

JazznJenna said...

I love that she preferred to be in her own bed, that cracks me up (it's opposite of my kids). I hope she gets better very soon.

JonandLo said...

does she have croupe? brenton is sounding horrible is so sad! hope she gets to feeling better soon

Callie said...

I hope she gets better soon! Eden wants to play!!

Boquinha said...

Poor girl. Hope she's better now.

Hey, Linds, update your blog -- we need some cute Ivy on the sidebar. And you're not in FL anymore! ;) What have you been, busy with a newborn or something? Geesh!

J Fo said...

Oh goodness. even though sick kids are so sad & pathetic, they are so cute sometimes too. Poor girl though.