Thursday, November 17, 2011

And the Humor Continues in the Early AM

This morning at around 5:45 as I was feeding Ivy (or just before), I lifted something off of the ground and a huge spider scurried across the floor! No, I didn't scream but came pretty close. You see, just last night, we were visiting in the Living Room and there was a huge spider on the wall. My brother tried to kill it and thought it was in his tissue, but discovered that it was not! A few minutes later, Scott felt a little tickle on his leg, lifted the pant leg, and there was the spider! He kicked his leg...towards me I might add, and I did the spider dance.

Okay, so as you can see, spiders were already on my mind. So, back to this morning, as I watched in horror as the spider sprinted off, I looked for anything to smash it with. I could find nothing since my room was so clean (or I couldn't find anything hard enough to get it with). I was pretty sure it made a home in my sweatshirt that I so lovingly left on the floor and since by then I was already feeding the baby, I decided to wake up Scott. Here is where the humor comes in.

He is just as (or maybe more) afraid of spiders than me. When I told him there was a spider that needed to be killed, he shot up! Now, this guy has nightmares about spiders so you can only imagine his terror when I woke him up from almost a dead sleep (Ivy had just been screaming in his ear minutes before so he was not fully back asleep). Anyway, I told him where I thought it was. He gave my jacket a little shake and nothing. He looked around for it and there was nothing. Since I woke him up 20 minutes before his alarm went off, he climbed back into bed defeated. He checked again when he got up 20 minutes later. It WAS in the track jacket. He gave it a good shake and even though I wasn't watching I could picture his stance as it dropped out of the clothing. Then there was the pouncing, with the shoe. Then when that didn't work, the book light came on for better lighting. So shoe in one hand, light in the other and Scott trying to kill the spider. I was afraid the pounding of the shoe would wake Ada up, but luckily it did not. After several attempts of trying to coax the spider out of the carpet lining, Scott gave up.

Phew...long funny story. Maybe not so much funny as disgusting! The spider has probably burrowed itself in my laundry and I will find it today and say a bad word!

I think I will address Scott as Spiderman

The End

Oh and I corrected a mistake on my previous post. I used the word "Clothes" when what I meant was "Close." Yeah, embarrassing!


the emily said...

Oh I hate them I hate them I hate them. I also hate the way Dave kills spiders. Instead of smashing it with the tissue and balling it up while against the wall, he smashes, the pulls the kleenex away! 9 times out of 10 the spider falls out and scurries away and we lose it. It is so awful! I can't handle spiders! you should have seen my panic attack when there was a full-on tarantula outside our door. There were tears involved.

Foltron said...

You can blame me for any Foley nightmares involving spiders. Seeing as I almost lost my leg to a spider bite you can understand why all of us might have an occasional spider nightmare.

Kristin said...

Ha hahahaha! So funny. It's hilarious to see MEN not be big, tough MEN!!! Trav is a chicken when it comes to killing bugs too!!!

J Fo said...

Oh dang! Spiders suck so bad. Greg has INSANE spider dreams where he sits up and throws our covers off because he thinks there's one in the bed. Scares me every time. And Em, Greg does the same thing with spider killing and then we end up chasing it down or losing it every time!

Boquinha said...

Wow, we are definitely the tree huggers in the family. We either let them be or take them outside alive.

We have a good friend who is TERRIFIED of spiders (he says they just shouldn't MOVE that way side to side like that) and I forgot he was scared and casually pointed at the ceiling above and behind him at our house one night and said in an interested tone, "Oh, look at that spider up there!" Never saw a grown man jump so fast (well, except that time Michael was here and we had a bat -- THAT was hilarious).

I hate flies, though. And Mark gets the flies much like Dave and Greg try to get the spiders. :P