Thursday, July 12, 2012

Folsom Rodeo

Poor Scott, in all of his 29 long years had never been to a rodeo. We talked about going last year, but alas, we didn't have a job, which meant no income, which meant we didn't do many outings that involved money. We decided to splurge little and hit up the rodeo this year. Ada and my brother Chad came with us. We had a great time (minus the blaring sun for the first 2 hours of the show). 
I am sure my BRIGHT shirt didn't help the people's eyes behind us. It matched the volunteers shirts...
 I felt bad that Ada didn't have sunglasses to ward off the sun. I offered mine to her. She only wore them long enough to take a picture.
At one point they called all of the kids down to the nasty smelling, poop filled arena, for coin collecting. They dumped 100 $1 silver coins in the dirt and let the kids have at it. Parents were not aloud to help so we pretty much just stood back and watched Ada run....and run. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do so she just ran. It was pretty funny!
It was so hot! Once the sun went down, we finally felt some relief and could actually see what was going on.
Muttin Bustin was a little let down for us. In Rodeo's past, I remember all kids being let loose at the same time. This time, they did one at a time. Which I understand why and it was a good thing they did. One little girl (she was hardcore) didn't let go when she started falling off. Somehow she ended up underneath the sheep, while holding onto it's neck and was getting stomped. The cowboys chased it down and got the little girl off. The little 5 year old was fine and the crowd cheered for the brave little girl. Ada had fun watching all of the kids. We asked her if she wanted to do it too and she said that she did. Sorry girly! Never!
So, these motorcyclists were insane! Who in their right mind would EVER try such a stunt? No really, people like this must be high on something while learning how to do this! Made me sick to my stomach a couple of times. I just can't imagine ever getting up one day and saying to myself, "I am going to train how to be a crazy trickster on my motorcycle, because I have nothing better to do." Sounds harsh, but serious!
By this time it was WAY past Ada's bedtime so her reaction to the stunts was pretty funny.
For the finale, they had fireworks, which Ada HATED! She was freaking out! At one point, I helped her cover her ears while she buried her head in Scott's neck. When I moved my hands she cried, "MOM, PUT YOUR HANDS BACK OVER MY EARS!" It was really sad, but funny. It wasn't the ideal way to end such a fun night. We just know for next time to warn her about the really bright colors, followed by loud "BOOMS."

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Emily Foley said...

How fun! Ivenever been to the rodeo either but it is HUGE here so I bet I will at some point.