Thursday, July 12, 2012

Saturday Night Fun

Scott has wanted to watch a movie underneath the piano with Ada for awhile now (on the laptop). We had a pretty busy day that particular day and we have to get up early for church on Sunday, but they went for it anyway. Can I tell you, it was so cute. Scott grabbed a bunch of Ada's "Friends", and a comfy blanket. Ada was so excited. I popped them some popcorn and put another blanket over the piano so it could be their very own theater.
I occasionally heard things like, "Dad, did you see that?" or other statements like that. I was adorable. I am sure they will repeat their movie nights.
 Horton Hears a Who
I love my family.
I got to hang out while they watched a movie. Loved every minute of it!


Emily Foley said...

So cute! I get too hot in forts but my kids love to wath movies in theirs!

Callie said...

So cute! And I loved your posts on your girls. We love ADA, she and Eden and are such peas in a pod. We are going to really miss you!