Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random Times at the Foley's

It is time to enjoy a bunch of random photos from the Foleys. The first picture you will notice some branch type looking things, twigs and all sorts. Well, I work for a man from China and his parents live in Florida and own an Herbal store. I mentioned to him that I had hip pains from running and sometimes he can tell when I have to take deep breaths (too long to explain). Well, he told me that his dad read palms and could tell me a lot about my "problems" if I went in there. Well, $50 later and hour later, I came home with a weeks worth of pure hell! I had to boil these herbs in water for over an hour than drink the remains! Let me tell you, the brown liquid almost came right back up a couple of times. BUT, my hip does feel better and I am running again. Scott is freaked that I am gonna want to buy it all the time now. No Thanks!

After I drank the wonderful healing water, I noticed something underneath my tongue (sorry to gross anyone out). I have been referring to it as the growth, or tumor. After having it for two weeks, I finally went to the dentist then the dentist sent me right to the oral surgeon. So, I am on antibiotics and if it has not gone down by time!!! noooooo. If it isn't one thing, it's another thing. Scott called me a hypochondriac a few weeks ago...but I swear I am not!

We were shopping a few weeks ago, looking for some new clothes for Scott. We were at Old Navy and stumbled upon this awesome shirt. When Scott first pulled it up (or me, can't remember) I laughed cause I thought it was hideous, however, this $7 delight is now one of my favorite shirts on Scott. We call it (or maybe just me) the Kelso shirt (from the 70's show).

A few posts ago, I wrote how Scott and I were getting up at 5:20 in the AM to study or work out...well, that didn't last too long! Scott has been exhausted. This picture was taken in the early morn. I just couldn't help myself. I thought it was so funny how his feet were hanging out. I know what everyone is thinking..."Leave the poor man alone..let him sleep!"
Thank you to all who submitted your stories/thoughts about Scott for his birthday! I stayed pretty late (for me) a couple of nights to finish uploading his birthday book! And overlooking the few spelling errors that I missed (everyone by now should know that I am a terrible proofreader), the book looks awesome and Scott really loves it!

The back cover. I HAD to use the picture with his straight hair! It was perfect!

"Deep Thoughts About Scott William Foley" is the title (Doesn't he look cute with his glasses? I think so.)

There is a glare on the pages from my flash, but I just love how this book turned out. Don't worry, for those that are interested, we will bring it home at Christmas so you can read/look at it.

Stetson Halloween Bash. We didn't stay long. It was at a bar and since neither of us drink, we didn't have much to do, besides stare at people...which was pretty fun too!

I know...what was I thinking!

Scott didn't want me to take this picture, but I was trying to get our water in it. We were both getting pretty parched so I went up to the bar and asked the bartender for some water! He was cool about it and even put some lemon in it! Then I started worrying that people might think that we have alcohol in our drinks!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the random post!


Lovell Family said...

Lindsay, that thing under your tongue is nasty! You should ask your chinese doctor if he has something to get rid of it!

emily said...

Lindsay, that book looks AWESOME! Did you do blurb or something else? I want one of my own now! I love that picture of Scott with his hair straight, I think he looks like a model.

Savage fam said...

Sure did!! (enjoy your random post)

Boquinha said...

Omigosh, those herbs sound nasty but I love it when that kind of stuff works!! (Hope the thing under your tongue isn't a side effect).

The book looks awesome!

Maybe the party would've been more fun if the bartender HAD spiked your water. :P

Lindsay said...

Emily...I did it at I love that picture too! It is one of my favorites!

J Fo said...

I love the random stuff. It's how I think so it's how I like to read, too! YOu guys are always having some crazy adventure or another. Palm reading and chinese herbs, seriously?! That's awesome!

Greg and Abbey said...

You two are hilarious! I like reading your blog. Hope Florida is treating you well. It looks like you have a cute ward (if that's pics at your ward party). Your costumes were hot!

Chelsy said...

Linds...that book is great. I'm trying to get some put together as well for some people. Now that school is done for me, maybe I can actually get to those! And I totally feel for you on the infections in the mouth (and you know I'm totally sincere on this too!) I was threatened with the oral surgeon as well, but luckily it had gone down in 24 hours (the deadline I was given). Good luck with that! :o)

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I love the book idea too so I'm glad you left a note on how to create one of our own.

I enjoyed all the randomness of photos—that's totally life in general!