Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Things have been getting pretty busy for Scott and since we are not going to be with each other on our one year anniversary, I decided that it was necessary to go on a mini-getaway. So, with some birthday money (thanks parents) and the freest (sp?) weekend we would have before finals, we headed an hour and a half south of us to Venice Florida. Now, the funny thing is, is I pricelined our hotel and found a pretty good deal. However, our main goal was to spend our day at Siesta Keys beech, which was 20 minutes North of Venice. To save money, we could have gotten up early on Saturday morning, spent the whole day at the keys, then left by 8 and be home by 9:15. I decided, though, that staying in a hotel would be much more fun!

This is Turtle Beach. I really don't have a clue why it is called Turtle Beach....we didn't see any Turtles.

Since we both are so used to getting up fairly early (and we both crashed pretty early Friday night), we were pretty much wide awake by 7. We ate our left over pizza and headed out toward Siesta Keys. Since it was still so early...and even a tiny bit cool, we decided that we didn't want to hit the beaches quite yet. We wanted to try something new. So...for $4o, we rented a two person kayak and had an awesome time on the lake/river/don't really know what to call it. Oh yeah...I think it was called Manatee Bay. I really wanted to see Manatee, but we didn't. Instead, we saw Mullet Fish (the launch themselves out of the's pretty funny!) and DOLPHINS! I have video footage with Dolphins...more to come.

Supposedly, this is Stephen King's house. We weren't overly excited about it.

Scott was a little scared to get out of the Kayak. He was VERY careful when moving around. In fact, he told me to be careful on more than one occassion when I got a little too excited!! :) Love you Scott.

Scott left his sunglasses at home so we had to get him a new pair. He looked pretty sweet with the new ones.

Since Kayaking was SUPER impulsive, all we had on our three hour excursion was water. And anyone who knows us Foley's, know that when we get hungry...we get HUNGRY! We were starving on the way back to the shore. It's funny how as soon as you are hungry, you automatically shut down, stop enjoying what you are doing, and can only focus on one thing...FOOD! We found a really good little restaurant in Siesta Keys and after we stuffed our faces...hit the beach. For the first two hours we pretty much just soaked up the sun. Scott fell asleep and I people watched and listened to the mother and daughter behind me talking about the daughters unborn child. Why is people watching/listening so dang interesting? Once Scott woke up, we started having some fun with the AMAZING sand (it is said that Siesta Keys is voted to have some of the best sand in the world). Do you like his CLAW foot? Yup....I did it!

This was our sand man...not too cool.
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Sunset on a differnt beach...can't remember the name. But they had live music as the sun went down." alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5266845641470909634" border="0">
Ok, just a warning about these two videos...when I get excited, sometimes I start saying stuff that is somewhat annoying and maybe even on the verge of obnoxious. SO...if you don't want to listen to that, just turn the sound down. Let me give a little preface with the videos. We found a little cove of trees that we thought would be fun to Kayak through. It opened up into a very secluded area, but, there was a guy there in his kayak taking pictures of birds and we felt like we were bothering him, so we headed back. It was quite tricky! The other video demonstrates how excited I get when dolphins are near by. The first one we saw was coming at us at full speed and it freaked the C--P out of me. We found a few more and started following them. I think the dolphins realized they were being followed and started playing games with us.

We had a great weekend. If you made it to the end of my long post...congrats! Thanks Scott for playing along with me and allowing the child in me to explode! :)


julz said...

Dolphins Dolphins dolphins!! Love it linds! How fun! I didn't know you were going to be apart for your anniversary!

Boquinha said...

I LOVE THIS POST!! First off, how can people live far from beaches? I just don't get it. Beaches are AWESOME!

Secondly, there is something about beach air that makes you SO HUNGRY. I love it. I love eating at the beach--everything tastes so good!

Third, we have friends who have moved down there near where you guys are and they've told us about those award-winning white sand beaches. I've been on black sand beaches and would like to try that one--I hear the sand is like baby powder. We can check it out with you guys, eh?

Also, you can TOTALLY so easily hear people talking on the beach--it's such an EASY place to listen in. :P

I LOVE those videos! Hearing you laugh is so fun and I love the string of "Holy Crap, Holy Crap, HOLY CRAP!" HILARIOUS.

Good for you guys--so glad you enjoyed your getaway. :)

Lindsay said...

Haha...Thanks Stacy! I felt a little silly watching the videos! I havent been to the black sand beaches. There was one near by when we went to Hawaii, but by the time we were able to go, we were too tired and...HUNGRY! When you guys come out, we will TOTALLY take you there. Scott and I already talked about it.

honus and Cameron said...


Trav and Kris said...

Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!!! Loved the dolphin video!!! HOW FUN!!!!

The Fegers said...

Love the videos. We'll have to go to a place w/ manaties next time. Sounds like such a fun weekend!

Lovell Family said...

Aren't you glad you decided to go to school in Florida? So fun!

J Fo said...

SOunds like an amazing weekend! I love it when Scott rams you into the branches and the spider webs!

Boquinha said...

LOL! I love Jessica's comment! LOL!

Shannon said...

Man! Florida looks so great right about now with the cold weather we're having. I would give anything to be at the beach.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

How fun! I ♥ dolphins! Thanks for sharing :)

Kristin said...

I actually don't have a pic of the winner. He was the headless horseman. His was okay, but everyone thought the Stat Puff Marshmallow mand should have won. His was amazing. I think the headless horseman won because he came in that morning on a black horse...

Cameron Parkin was the Barbie! Yeah, it was a lot of fun!