Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lindsay in her Twenties

Hi Lindsay, Happy 30th Birthday today!
Like your sister, I'm hacking into your blog to post a picture of you way back when you were still in your twenties.

Doesn't that feel like such a long time ago now?

(Photo taken on 9/15/09) love, Tiffany (Feger)


The Fegers said...

Steven and I can't believe how good you look. He came home and said that you don't even look like you were ever pregnant, and that you look like you did before you ever had a baby and that you must be pissing some people off right now b/c you look so skinny.

I've said it before, but you were really all belly and never really filled out anywhere else. I guess it's a good thing to have such a big baby in there, b/c you must have lost all of that weight right at birth. Sheesh, you're a good lookin' 30 year old! If I had taken the diaper bag in, I would have taken an "after" snap shot of you at your birthday party tonight to prove it to everybody. You'll have to post some, or some day we can do retakes w/ Scott in the mix to do family photos.

honus and Cameron said...

ha ha ha... that was frunny of your friend.

J Fo said...

Oh....the good old days of your twenties! Funny!

the emily said...

Happpy birthday Lindsay! I agree with Tiffany. Your arms, your face, you bum, all look totally normal. I just don't see how that's fair.