Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday My Lover

27 Reasons Why I am Glad That You Were Born

1. You make me laugh AND have the best laugh ever!
2. You have the best smile
3. I can play any game with you and you will think of my feelings first before crushing me (Ticket to Ride)
4. You are the father of our daughter
5. Because I have someone to snuggle with during the night (even though many times you "accidentally" turn your back to me and claim that you had no idea. Hehe)
6. Because you honor the priesthood
7. You are so dang stubborn, but for some reason I find it really cute
8. Because you can dance and sing like nobodies business but will not admit to it
9. I am glad you were born because I feel safe with you (physically and emotionally). Physically because you are a professional driver (hehe) and emotionally cause you let me be myself
10. Because at times we have competitions to see who can grow their hair out the longest (okay not really, but you do enjoy having long hair)
11. Because you will do most thing even if you are not really up to it.
12. You are very patient with me.
13. Because you think of others first before yourself.
14. I am glad you were born because you are seriously funny
15. Because you are a nut when it comes to germs and it just makes me laugh
16. You served an honorable mission
17. Because when you start a book you HAVE to finish it even if you do not enjoy it (I am 100% opposite)
18. Because you do little things that mean a lot in which you never take credit for (ex. parking closer to the primary room at church so I could drop my things off)
19. You are frugal and help keep me in line with my spending
20. Because you love sports with a passion
21. I am glad that you were born because when I cry, you almost always cry with me (sorry if that is TMI)
22. Because you have a great butt to look at....heheh
23. You can fall asleep by just telling yourself to and I think it is awesome, yet I get very jealous too!
24. Because you help keep me in check with being kind to others and more importantly, thinking kindly of others
25. You are a great dad and husband and
26. Because you will run crazy races with me and not resent me for it
27. I am glad you were born because we have each other and little Ada!

Happy Birthday Scott. I love you

Love Wrinsey :)


the emily said...

awww, so sweet. happy birthday scott!

Steve said...

Happy B-Day Scott. BTW, nice hair. I did not know you were such a huge Keith Urban fan :)

katie said...

linds, you are the sweetest wife ever! glad you are loving being a mommy... also, happy bday scott.

Cynthia said...

I'm impressed with your post! Very Thoughtful!!! Happy Birthday Scott!!!
I've been there & I know it's true! (Well, most of it. ha ha) Very Nice!

Boquinha said...

You guys must have been out partying yesterday because we tried several times to call. Happy birthday, Scott.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

That's sweet! You are both very blessed.

Dr. Mark said...

Happy Birthday!

I was actually more uncomfortable with the butt comment than the fact that he cries with you. But maybe that's just me.

Boquinha said...

LOL, Mark!

Dave said...

sorry I didn't call, but I fell asleep at 9:30 while Emily was on one of her marathon phone conversations. And since you also must finish a book even if it stinks I'll warn you to never under any circumstances begin reading Stranger in a Strange Land.

J Fo said...

Happy B-day Scott! I think that the "Blue Steel" Zoolaner Model face is more funny than the Keith Urban hair! Great post, Linds. It makes me miss you guys and wish were lived close enough to hang out!

The Hills... said...

Hey there! Your baby is adorable! She and Eden are pretty close in age and you and Eden have the same birthday! Hope your enjoying motherhood!

jenny said...

Happy Birthday late Scott! Hope you had a great day! Lindsay- I think I might have married Doug for his butt so I'm with you there :)