Monday, October 12, 2009


Lately, I have been very busy. Not busy with housework (my mom has been doing that), not busy with cooking (mom as well) not busy with sleeping (no one has done much of that), but busy with this little bundle of joy. She eats a ton, and loves to be held and cuddled. I love snuggling with her and even feeding her in the wee hours of the night (although last night was rough for me).
This first picture I had to post to show off the beautiful blanket my mother-in-law made for Ada. She sleeps with it every night!

I have to thank my sister for all of the "hand me down" clothes from her daughter. All Ada was missing in this picture was a tennis racket. She was upset that we did not have one for her (you can tell by the disgruntled look on her face).

Maybe she did not like the flower in her hair??

YES...she is taking the binky (however, this does not happen very often. No matter how hard we try).

Oh yes..I turned 30! Yes, I am no longer in my 20's! Scott was so kind to invite friends over to celebrate and my mom was so gracious to cook for everyone!

Ada loves her baths! And I love that she found her thumb after this particular one.

Scott surprised me Sunday morning with donuts (no worries, he picked them up the night before) for my birthday! He knows how much I LOVE donuts...and NO, I did NOT eat them all.

I am so lucky! Happy Birthday to me.
PS...Foley's that read this you see a lot of Foley in Ada? We sure do. We are thinking of a Maggie/Andrew mix combined with a little bit of Lovell. Thoughts?


honus and Cameron said...

ah!!! she does look like a tennis player - TOO CUTE!!! ps. YOU SKINNY BUTT? I THOUGHT YOU JUST HAD A BABY? PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

the emily said...

I love that blanket! Vivian is so awesome. How nice that your mom is helping out so much. Nights are the worst right now, so it's great to have help! Happy 30th! Good for Scott for doing something fun--and for the donuts. Yum. And please tell me those are maternity jeans in your birthday picture. Please?

I'm no good at recognizing people in babies, so I can't comment on the Foley/Lovellness of Ada. Sorry.

Greg and Abbey said...

Hey Girl,
You are a bean pole in your pic with scott! you were all baby! :) i think ada looks like kate in the picture where she is on your shoulder. (it's the one where you talked about her maybe not liking the bow) how cute :) i hear ya on the sleep. BUT last night was success! we kept her awake in her bouncer from 6pm to 9pm. i fed her around 8:45 and after she was done nursing, we finished with 2 oz of my milk in a bottle. i found out this "tops her off". then i actually put her in her swing. she slept for 2 hours. then she woke up and i fed her for 1 hr, finishing with a bottle again, then she slept for 3 hours!!! then the same thing again, and then she slept for 2 hours! what a great thing! i hope it works tonight :)
i'm grateful for how well the recovery has gone for me, physically. how about you? i will give you a call soon. that's great that your mom is there to help. by the way, i LOVE maple donuts too!!! delicious!!!

jenny said...

Ada looks so cute cuddled under Vivian's blanket. I love it!

Happy super late birthday. I'm the worst. Is 'I'm crazy busy' even an excuse? Sorry. Hope you had a great day!!!! Welcome to the 30's club. (we still act immature when we want so don't worry hehe)

I'm so sorry about this but I don't see any Andrew or Maggie in Ada! She looks like a little Lovell to me. She doesn't seem to have the perfectly round head (the "Gerber baby" or "Charlie Brown head" as people have commented to me about Maggie. I can't quite see that prominent Foley brow in her either. I don't know- I'll just have to wait a couple of months until I get to see her in person! I'm so excited!

I'm still only getting about 5-6 hours of broken sleep at night with Maggie. Somedays I feel on the urge of insanity. I hope Ada will be better for you!!!!! It's amazing how something so small and adorable completely controls your life haha! You look great :)

Lindsay said...

Haha..THanks Jenny. I swear, there are definite times when I see Andrew or Maggie (maybe it is in the mouth). Anyway, I still act immaturely!

Abby, yes we need to talk.

Emily, I can lie and say they are maternity pants...but sorry, they are not. I hear the first baby, the weight comes off pretty fast.

J Fo said...

This is the best kind of busy! Yay for moms! I see some Foley, but she looks more like your side to me? But I don't know. There are still times when Greg says how much he thinks Emmy looks like...Scott. Funny huh? I think the baby weight falls off fast when you were working out until the day she came! Sheesh. ;)

Vivian said...

*glad you like the quilt
*I was thinking 'angry cheerleader' until you mentioned tennis
*I don't see 'Foley' but I'm only looking at still photos. Maybe I'll see it in person
*I'd take donuts over cake anyday
*You look great!

ps: your talented friend Tiffany did a great job with the lighting in her pix of Ada

julz said...

She is crying b/c she wants to meet the cool cousin that gave her the cute tennis outfit... brian called that her private school outfit. I really want to see this sweetie!

Emily said...

Linds! You are looking so great! Where did your baby belly go? I swear it looks like you never were pregnant!

Kristin said...

We are so happy for you guys! Happy Birthday girl!!

Boquinha said...

Holy crap, you're in skinny jeans!

I think she looks like Scott in the 2nd grumpy picture. Not sure why, but I do. Scott doesn't ever look grumpy to me, so it's not that, but it's something.

I don't see Maggie/Andrew at all either. I think Maggie/Andrew have more Shoemaker in them than Foley, so that would explain that.

You really need to see pics of Kate as a baby . . . so. much. hair.

Natalie said...

She's so beautiful! And I agree with everyone else-you look amazing! Kenz is almost a year old and I still have 20 pounds to go. I'm glad you're enjoying your time as a new mom, keep cuddling, that stage goes too fast!

Lovell Family said...

I've been wanting to comment on these pics....yes, you do look like a bean pole...I can't tell who Ada looks like...she seems to have light features, but the one that she's posted a while ago....i thought she looked like you! They change so fast's hard to tell who they look like!

Jenny said...

totally see foley! And i remember anna wearing that outfit when we met up at california pizza kitchen. not that i remember what people wear or anything.
loves, jen

Arianna A. said...

Wow! Happy Bday! Also, you do look amazing. Congrats, mommy.

Yes, enjoy that little bundle. Baby smells disappears too soon. Toddlers are great too.

Great pics!