Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jelly Belly Factory Yet Again

After we all settled down from the chaotic camping trip, we all jumped in the cars and headed to the Jelly Belly Factory. You will remember (those that read the blog) that we went only a few short weeks ago. All of the kids loved the tour except Jeff's Audrey. At the end of the tour In a very disappointed voice she said," That was it?!" Kids say the darndest things don't they? :)
We left fairly early so we could get a good spot in the line. However, when we got there, the line was pretty much out the door. It was okay though. The ladies waited in the line while the husbands kept the kids entertained.
My brother Jeff and his family. They drove down from Oregon to spend the week at my parents. Every single person in their family got sick. It seems like that is happening a lot to those that visit....hmmmm..
Julie and her family
Our little fam
And Jeff cheesin it up for the camera.
We had a lot of fun spending time with the siblings. Ada has been a trooper with all of her missed/late naps. Now if only she would start enjoying the car more and actually take a nap there if we are on the road.


Greg and Abbey said...

that was so fun to meet ada, and to see her and kate playing together. wish they could play more often. have a safe trip back to florida. good to see you. you look great! :)

J Fo said...

Always fun! As long as it involves a bunch of free samples! I always love to get a big bag of the Belly Flops. :)