Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So it's been awhile, I know. I have been busy. Or maybe I just haven't taken the time to update. I am actually pretty mad at myself right now. I am known to be a very impatient gal. I don't read instructions because I lose interest halfway through the steps so I end up guessing on how to put something together and end up messing up and things take longer than they should have. Or, I ruin a meal because I think that I can skip a step. You get the point. So my plan was to do a post this week but my internet has not been working. So after trying everything I know (wich is not much) to get my connection back, I call the computer company. They tell me I have to call the wireless company to get a user key of some sort. After talking to the outsourced customer service lady for the wireless company and deciding NOT to pay $40 to have them diagnose and possibly fix things, I hang up the phone. My computer company emailed me some instructions of things that I could do. Now remember what I mentioned earlier, I don't follow instructions very well OH and if I don't understand something...I guess.
SO, while I was following the step by step instructions I had this thought that what these instructions meant is that I might lose everything I have on my hard drive, but me, being little miss impatient, ignore the promptings I have to do a backup before I hit the "finish" button. Long story short, I have lost all pictures/videos from the past 7ish months. ALL of them. So, sorry Mom and Dad, I was about to do a really cute post on our trip to Busch Gardens, BUT, I no longer have those pictures! Being impatient is a curse. I work hard on not rushing, on not having to have things the minute I want them. It always seems to haunt me in the end.
With that being said, isn't our little Ada just the cutest thing ever? That first picture in the skeleton PJs sums up her personality pretty well. FULL THROTTLE. She is all over the place and even when she first wakes up in the morning, there is not any crying, there is Ada, jumping in her crib, or calling, "Scott," or running end to end of the crib.
We got Ada a little tent for her birthday. Saturday night, we were watching some of our friends kids and I told Scott to go and play with them for a minute cause I needed a break. All of the sudden I hear him calling for me. Apparently, he was stuck in the tent. He thought that he would be able to crawl through the tube and join in the fun. NOPE.

Cute little kids

Ada and I playing the "binky" game. The reason for the picture though is because of her awesome hair.

She is really finding her voice. Ada loves to scream and yell at the top of her lungs. The neighbors probably think that awful things are happening over here. Nope, she is just pretending to be mad and upset and we are pretending to be shocked she is making such a fuss. I may or may not encourage her to scream from time to time. I know that will come back to haunt me.


Kristin said...

OH NO!!!!! So sorry to hear about all your pictures! What a bummer. So good to see your mom and dad the other day!!!

the emily said...

Oh Lindsay! No!! I'm so sorry for you. Are you sure you can't take it somewhere and have the genius tech people find it? That's heartbreaking. At least you have some pictures on the blog to document the past 7 months. I'm SO sorry.

In other news, I'm dying over Scott getting stuck! Dying I say! That Ada is a doll, I just LOVE her.

Amy Lovell said...

I'm right there with you on being impatient, and no matter how many times I've had to "learn" the lesson the hard way, I don't know if I ever really learn anything...curses!
Sorry about your pictures and everything else you lost!

Lovell Family said...

totally sucks about your pictures. I have pics of easton since he was a baby on our computer and I know i should back it up, just in case....thanks for the reminder....ada is adorable!

Jaynee said...

been there with the crashed hard drive. sorry :(
on the plus side, you do have a cute kid :)

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

What Tragedy! I would have balled about loosing those photos. Did you buy an external hardrive afterward? So awful! Sorry to hear about that.

Love the skeleton pjs!

Boquinha said...

Oh, that stinks. Sometimes I really hate computers. This is one of those weeks. We're in the middle of trying to restore some stuff, too. And we have external hard drives, back up programs, etc. What a pain. Sometimes I long for the olden days of sending film in the mail to be developed and holding them in your hands and keeping the negatives someplace. Ugh.

Ada is so cute. You can totally see that she's full throttle in that first picture!

Cynthia Lovell said...

I'm very SORRY about your computer!!! I have really MISSED your posts!!!! Ada is Darling!!! We are Xcited for you to come out at Christmas!!!

J Fo said...

Scott getting stuck is HILARIOUS!! I can totally see Greg doing the same thing. Love that fist Ada pic, too! My kind of girl. Hope the pictures magically appear somehow!

JazznJenna said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your pictures. That stinks! I'm glad that you didn't lose that cute one of Ada in the skeleton pj's though, that's a great one. You have an awesome little girl. I love her! And I laugh at the thought of her calling "Scott" in the mornings, that's so funny.