Sunday, October 31, 2010

Costumes and Chili

It was all planned out a few weeks before the big ward Halloween Party. Scott would go as Nigel Lithgoe from one of our favorite shows So You Think You Can Dance, I would be the host Kat Deeley and Ada was going to be a contestant (actually, Melissa, the ballerina). Well, a week before the big party Scott informed me that he couldn't go because he had a prep test course that night that he had already signed up for. Sniff, so Ada and I went without our judge. We still had a blast. Some people even knew who we were!!
I will never be a blond. Just not me.
My good friends little baby boy, Peyton. Ada wanted to touch him the whole time.
Fisher and Ada are good buds. We were able to stay with his family while his parents were out of town and they became best friends. They light up every time they see each other. Romance in the making????

My good friend Tiffany and her cute boys. They were not overly thrilled about being in the picture with us. Probably because we were taking them away from the fun.
Check out that tongue. It could wrap circles around that thing. Gross...
Tristan and his Dad. Neither child was
cooperating in the picture. Ada was terrified of the eyeliner and Tristan wasn't sure what to think. His family came as Alice and Wonderland characters. So cute. He was the white rabbit, but didn't want his ears.
The news I am sure all of you have been waiting for...My chili won the grand prize. Check out the size of this trophy!! Where the heck am I going to put that thing? Currently it is a backseat passenger of my Honda. I get to keep this beauty for a year...until the next cook off. Special thanks to my brother Chad for his award winning recipe and for Scott's extra ingredient that he added.

Ada had no trouble figuring out what to do with the pumpkin and trunks filled with candy. She would walk right up to each car and sort of hold her little bucket up, but I had to help her steady it and not run off before they actually dropped candy in it.

It was a really fun night. Our little ballerina loved her Halloween!


Lisa K said...

Congrats on winning the chili cook-off! Our ward's chili cook-off ended up being that everyone was a winner....lame.

JazznJenna said...

Lindsay, you win my prize this year for coolest person to dress up as--Kat Deeley. You're so cool! Ada looks so cute. Congrats on the winning the chili contest--I love that you used Chad's award winning recipe and that it worked for you too. Way to go!

the emily said...

Congratulations on your big win!

And not that my opinion matters, but I think you make a hot blonde.

Amy Lovell said...

Nice job on the chili and costumes. You two look awesome.

honus and Cameron said...


J Fo said...

You are so creative with those costumes. Too bad Nigel wasn't there. Ada sure makes a cute ballerina!