Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better...

Ada and Ivy are proving to be pretty good buddies, however, anything that Ivy does, Ada has to show me that she can do it too...but even better. It's cute, really, and I try to make a big deal about things that Ada can do so she doesn't feel left out. 
I was teaching Ivy how to hold on to the side of something so she can stand, and Ada showed me how she could do that too (Disclaimer: I know Ada is almost three. The binky is going away forever  very soon. Just getting up the courage to actually do it).
 I started running low on the milk supply (TMI) so I started giving Ivy formula and she loves her new freedom with the bottle. After naps yesterday, as soon as I gave Ivy her bottle and laid her down, Ada told me that she NEEDED a sippy cup filled with milk just like Ivy's (Don't worry, she got cows milk). As soon as I gave it to her, she said that she needed room to lay next to Ivy.

 As much fun as these girls have, I have a feeling there will also be battles. Already, Ivy tackles Ada if she gets too close, or she will swat at her face if she takes something that she was playing with. 
 I took a picture of Ivy cuddling the GIANT teddy bear
 I took the exact same picture of Ada after she ever so politely demanded I take one of her. She doesn't look too comfortable in that position. 
I am so in love with these two girls. Ada and I have had some rough patches but I have been really trying hard to not react to her tantrums by practically throwing a tantrum myself. What a difference that has been making. She loves to give hugs and kisses (and "wipes them in" afterwards) and has been giving them more freely lately. Ada has also been "protecting" me from the bad guys or crocodiles that frequent the home. I feel like this week has been way better than the last two with my Ada.
Ivy is the biggest sweetheart around (Ada was too at that age which makes me a little nervous), but takes absolutely no crap from her sister. Ada bit her one day and the next day, Ada was letting Ivy "kiss" her cheek and Ivy clamped down hard. With tears in her eyes, Ada said, "Mom, that didn't make me feel very happy." What goes around comes around my little Ada. Hehe
Ivy is crawling. She will crawl the normal way to crawl sometimes, but most of the time, she has one leg out, like she is trying to walk on it, and scoots the other one underneath. I think she finds she can go faster that way, so that is her preferred method of crawling. Ivy is a talker. She is loud just like her sister was. She is starting to use words like, "Ball (ba), bottle (baba), Uh oh (uh, uh), Mama (mama. hehe), No, No (na, na), Ada (Aada). It is so dang cute.  She just started shaking her head, "No" and loves it. She gets a kick out of my exaggerated reaction. 
She still hasn't really started pulling herself up or scooting along tables while standing up, but I know soon enough, that time will come. 
My little girls bring me so much joy (and I am sure gray hairs) and I love them more than I could ever say. 


Emily Foley said...

They are so cute! They're so lucky to have each other.

I took my kids binkies away at 3 and it was sooo easy. Just talk about it (to her) a lot. "When you're 3, no more binkies, no more diapers." That's what we say. As long as they weren't blind sided, they didn't seem to mind as much.

Amy Lovell said...

I just love your girls, I'm so glad we got to hang out with you guys last week!

Lovell Family said...

so funny!! Saige has been acting like a baby lately and she doesn't even have a baby sister! I'm pretty tired of being called mama, and having saige hold her arms up because she "can't walk."

JazznJenna said...

This was a fun post. I still haven't met Ivy! But I have loved all of the updates you've given us. Your girls are so beautiful.

Lisa K said...

Colton does the same thing! If Kylie gets attention for something, he has to do it too.

Boquinha said...

I could just squeeze Ivy's thighs!! Jenna and your mom told me about this post, so I came to check it out. Super cute girls! We all want you to visit PA. :)