Thursday, August 30, 2012


Did I mention that this summer has been so fun? I do believe that I have. Anyway, one of my best friends/old roommates was in the Bay Area for a week with her husband so I met up with her in San Fran and we spent the day there. So much fun! We took the kiddos to Golden Gate Park and let the two older one's go crazy. We went to this same spot a few weeks ago and Ada did nothing but go down this awesome cement slide, but this time, she only did it a few times then hit up the playground. I love Golden Gate Park...a lot. It is gorgeous and there is so much to see.

Lori helping her little man get a little push to get started. 

 Ada slid right off of her cardboard. I think that is when she decided to play on some of the other equipment
 So, Lo and I decided that it was time for us to do what we wanted. The kids had their fun, now it was time for ours. We were starving, of course, so we headed down to Market Street for some grub (and shopping of course). I have this giant double stroller that I brought and the place we went to eat had a huge flight of stairs to climb (the elevator would not fit my massive stroller). So we had the older kids walk up the stairs while we carried the stroller, then once we got to the top, we had them wait for us to carry up Ivy in her stroller (it might have been reversed, but I don't feel like re-typing). We were a pretty funny site.  This little diner not only had amazing food, but it was perfect for these two. They ran around, jumped off of chairs, danced to the loud music, fell down stairs (Ada). 
Too bad these two don't live closer. They played so well together (And danced. Video at the end of this post)
 Lori and I were roommates for over 2 years (I think) but we have known each other since 1999. As you can see, we look nothing alike (Maybe eye color??). Anyway, at BYU, we always "studied" in the periodicals and I remember getting asked on more than one occasion if we were sisters. "Sisters in spirit" we would say (Or something super cheesy like that). Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the awesome Apple Pie that I  ordered (After my main meal, of course). It was amazing. Seriously the best I have ever had. Lori agreed that it was tasty. I wouldn't know how awesome her milkshake was because she didn't offer me any of hers. Ha. Hope you are reading this Lo, and feeling really bad!
 I have to include Baby Ivy in this post. She was a trooper this whole time. Besides soaking through her diaper onto my jeans, she did great!
Enjoy this video
I must finish writing about our activities, though. After dinner, we braved shopping in a very busy area. It was so fun, and crazy awkward. Lori braved the beast of a stroller, while I pushed Ivy in hers. Luckily it was super long instead of wide because we would not have fit through the clothes aisles if it were wide. 
The kids were close to meltdowns (Mine anyway) by the time we were finishing up so we headed to my sisters house for the night. Of course, we missed our exit when we were almost there so that added 15 or so minutes (I am bad luck when it comes to travelling). We stayed up late talking about college days and what not. It was so fun! I took Lori and her boy to the airport the next morning and of course got lost going home. Sheesh. Anyway, it was a whirlwind of a visit, but it was so fun spending time with Lo and Juls. And thanks sister for letting us crash at your place just right when you got back into town. Mwah! Until next time! 
Enjoy the sweet movies of Brenton and Ada

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Callie said...

Looks like fun! We miss you guys so much! I get homesick looking at your blog! :(