Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Lovell's!

This summer has been so much fun! I have been able to see so much family.  A week after my brother Steve and his family left, my little brother, John and his family came out to California. It was a lot of fun spending time with them and most importantly meeting their little baby, Preston. Too dang cute!
I wish we could all live closer. My brother John and I have this love/hate relationship sometimes. I guess I wouldn't say, "hate"  more like love/wanna slap each other sometimes, relationship. I am in my 30's and John is almost there and he STILL teases. What makes things even worse (funnier) is that I still react like a teenager when he teases me.
We had a good time hanging out, going to dinner/lunch, swimming, visiting. 
Come again soon, please!

Sweet little Ivy in Old Town Sacramento
Can you tell just by looking at this guy that he is trouble??
Glad that Scott could join us for lunch. If you look at Ada's hand you will see she has a rock in it. She was calling it her potato. It did not leave her side, either.
Funny girl.
My SIL, Amy and her perfect little baby, Preston
Thanks for lunch, Dad
Chad's classic camera face

At the end of the week, my sister and hubs went out of town so we watched their kids. Juls got her kids presents for each morning she was gone so they wouldn't miss her too much. They got into town late Thursday night and My sis and Brian left super early Friday morning. Around 7 Friday morning, I hear talking just outside my door and I thought for sure it was Ada. I go to check on her and find Lukey and Anna sitting in a dark hall talking to My SIL, Amy about the presents they were going to open. It was too cute and funny. My sister was kind enough to include Ada with the presents. The kids couldn't wait for Ada to wake up so they could open their gifts. 

We had 6 kids six and under at the house Friday. Let's just say things got a little crazy!

Swimming with Uncle John

Little Preston taking a dip with his dad

Chad just before the big lunge
Who wouldn't want a 3+ hour nap??

Chad teaching Anna chess
Fun, fun times with the family. The only family left to see (On the Lovell side) is the Jeff Lovell family, so get out here guys!
Love and miss you all. 


JazznJenna said...

Very funny, Lindsay. You first! I think it's your turn to travel... We went out there last summer. I'm glad you had a great visit with John's family! I'm jealous that you got to meet Preston (and that they got to meet Ivy) : ). Love and miss you!

Amy Lovell said...

Such a fun trip out there, glad we got to see you guys.