Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Five Year to us!

Scott and I decided months ago that we would celebrate our fifth anniversary by going to a Bed and Breakfast. We spent our first night as a married couple in an awesome B&B in Salt Lake and we have wanted to go back to one ever since. We are Groupon fanatics and found this "Hidden Gem" on the Medecino Coast. Seriously, the most beautiful coastline I have ever seen. My camera sucks, so the pictures don't do justice. It was about a three hour, windy drive to get there, but the drive up was pretty too. 

 We stayed in a tiny, tiny town called, Elk (pop 200, but 75 according to the general store manager). The road had no guard rails or anything like that, just huge straight drop off down into the torrential water. At one point, we pulled over to take some pictures.
 First thing we saw when we pulled over, a dead animal...or person??

 Don't know what Scott was doing, but I thought it was a funny picture
 View from our room

 Game of Stratego while waiting for our breakfast to be served. The breakfast was OKAY. But that was fine because everything else was perfect
 Funny story:
We decided to drive up to Mendecino to see more coastline and check out the town. We drove into a state park and walked out onto a rocky ledge to see the water crashing up against the rocks. It had been cloudy but that was it. Scott told us to bring the umbrella and I laughed. Out on the cliff, the wind picked up and Scott kept saying it was starting to rain. I was giving him a hard time that it was just sprinkling and to relax. Within minutes, the wind was whipping around and it started hailing. HAILING!!!!
I was taking Scott's picture when that happened and I thought he was telling me to take more, but he was actually saying to hurry up (The wind and hail were muffling the sound).
His umbrella went inside out and we took off running. He was ahead of me and instead of waiting to make sure I was okay, he kept on running and yelled back a couple of times...Five years change things :)
In all seriousness, though, he said he knew that I was just fine because he could hear me screaming and laughing the whole time. As cold and wet as we got, it was hilarious!

The wind was still at bay in this picture

 Starting to pick up a little...Scott starting to push to head back to the car
 Rain starting a little and me saying that it was fine...and notice the ledge on both sides. Not the safest ledge I have ever stood on
 Waves getting bigger and more powerful
 Hail starting to come down and me misunderstanding Scott's requests for us to leave
 Getting pelted in the face and not wanting to humor me with pictures anymore
Shortly after this picture was taken, we took off running. 
Such a fun anniversary for us. I married the best guy and couldn't be happier.
Thanks for a great five years, Scott! I love you like crazy


JazznJenna said...

Happy anniversary! Five years is a wonderful thing to celebrate. I'm glad you got to have a fun outing!

Emily Foley said...

What a fun trip! You are so lucky to live so close to such a cool place. I love the nail pictures, that totally cracks me up. So romantic! :)

cameron said...

what a fun trip! glad you could go!!! looks gorgeous!!! and so do you!!!