Sunday, January 6, 2013

Snow Day

We have been wanting to take Ada to the snow for awhile now and we finally were able to go (Thanks Mom and Dad for watching Ivy).
We asked some friends if they wanted to join us and we were on our way.
Originally, our plan was to just go where my Brother-in-law and cousin-in-law went a few days back but there was a truck blocking the road to the sledding. Apparently  the truck was there to prevent people like us to go sledding. Private property. We ended up in a place called Cisco Grove and I was pleasantly surprised it was a place we went to when I was young. We were lucky we went when we did because it was crazy busy when we left.
Ada LOVED the snow. I thought for sure she would last an hour, tops, but she went strong for over two. In fact, we had to talk her into leaving. Here she is sliding down like a penguin (kind of).
 Love this picture! 
 I fear that one day, Ivy will be looking at some of our family and pictures and ask why she wasn't there. Love you Ivy! You were just too little.
 We started our rides off at a long, gradual down hill but soon realized the kids wouldn't last long making the long trek up, so we found a smaller, more kid friendly area which ended up being perfect.
 Scott got a snowball to the face, and no, it wasn't me that threw it.
 I am rarely in the pictures these days.
 Helping dad out of the snow
 Funniest picture of the day! Ada making a snow angel! Looks like she has no neck! I cracked up when I saw this little gem.

Such a fun day! Scott and I were pretty sore when we got home and Ada had a few meltdowns, but it was worth it. 
I am so glad that when we want to go to the snow, all we have to do is jump in the car and drive just over an hour, and when we are done and cold...we jump right back in the car and head back home!


milkman0 said...

Too bad there was a smudge on the lense of your family picture!! Ada and jason sure know how to party it up!!

Lovell Family said...

Fun! I wish we could drive a little over an hour to get to some nice weather!

Emily Foley said...

That is awesome! We take all the kids but Zoe won't wear a coat and I always end up sitting in the car with her. I wish I had family to leave her behind with. :)

cameron said...

so so so fun!!!! b would go for hours as well

JazznJenna said...

That's really fun that you got to do that with Ada, and I say it was worth it just for the fun pictures! You're lucky that you can have the snow only when you want it ; ).