Friday, August 1, 2008

Good Bye to the Scott Foley Fam (almost)

I swear, Scott was hiding from the camera this night. We only got two pictures of him.

Zack and Uncle John. I think that Zack was a little scared, hence the look on his face...

Don't mind mine and Scott's not so dressy attire...we had been packing and cleaning all day...we were tired little lambs (and a little scruffy!)

I miss this little guy!

Cameron...what good times we had as roommies...this girl can dance like no other! And...ignore the make-up-less face. Hey, at least I got a shower in. Julie and Cam look usual

Turning into a tree hugger at an early age.

Lisa was so kind to share the last of her cream sickles...made quite the mess on the little ones

John and Easton...sharing some deep thought.

This bug was HUGE! It saw the light at the glass door and started slamming into it. The poor bug died a slow, painful death. We were all too scared to get too close (Chad took this picture)

I miss my family but am excited to be in Florida. We have quite the adventures approaching!

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Jenny said...

Was that bug in Utah or Florida? I'm excited for you. Tell me all about it. And Julie calls me...I just email her. SO now I'll email you too...miss competitive! BFF!!