Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some Random Things for Saturday Morning

Scott and I are trying to create some good habits that will hopefully improve quality of life (or just make us crazy instead). We have been getting up every morning (for the past two weeks) at 5:20. Saturdays are a little bit more laxed and we get up at 6:00AM instead (me 6:45 today). Now, many of you who know me are probably thinking, "Lindsay, give poor Scott a break! Let the poor man sleep." Well, to all of those that had those was SCOTT'S idea, I am just the enforcer (most of the time). What I mean about enforcer is as soon as the alarm goes off, I turn on the lamp so we don't fall back asleep. There have been a couple of times where I hesitated cause I REALLY wanted to hit snooze, but Scott would say, "Turn the light on!" So, overall it has been good. We hit the gym, then I get ready for work, and Scott has been getting ready to start school. So, with that intro, it is not quite 8:00 this morning, Scott is at orientation (originally it was supposed to be on Tuesday and Thursday, but that dang Hurricane Fay ruined everything. They had to change his orientation to Thursday and Saturday!), I am waiting for the rain to subside so I can go for my morning run. I just might have to go to our tiny little gym in the complex. Funny thing about the gym...
We are usually the only one's there at 5:30AM, but lately, there have been two hispanic guys that have been coming too. We usually are watching the Olympics and have both TV's on (they are little, give me a break). So, we felt bad that we had English blasting on both TV's so we gave them a remote so they could watch the Spanish Chanel. Well, now it almost feels like a competition who gets there first. The next morning, we get there, the lights are on and it is our Hispanic friends watching the Spanish Chanel on both TV's. Sheesh. So, we just laugh internally and go on with our work out. Halfway through, one of the guys hand us the remote so we could watch some Enlglish chanels. Have any of you ever seen, "The Cutting Edge?" For those of you who have and remember it, you will remember that there was this competition going on to see who could get up earliest to work out. That is how I have felt with our new friends.
Well, just a couple more thoughts and I am done. First: Have any of you watched table tennis during the olympics? Amazing! I have only seen the girls, but they know how to handle that ball! You think they are gonna slam it (like in tennis) and they pull back the last minute. So cool!
Second thought: Why, oh Why is there speedwalking as an olympic event??? Why? We turned the tv on during our morning routine and I thought it was the marathon event and the guy was just really tired. No, he was speedwalking! I thought that speedwalking is something that only older women do as a group and chat about anything and everything while doing so. It was a funny site. Well, for any of you who made it to the end of this post (I know that many of you probably scrolled down to find the pictures, but sorry, there are none today! Wahahahah) I am going to leave you with the homemmade granola recipe. There have been a few requests.

Combine in Large Bowl
1 C Wheat Germ
1 C Oat Bran
8 C Rolled Oats
1 C Chopped nuts (optional)
1 C Sunflower seeds (optional)
(I used soy nuts last time cause the ants got into my leftover trail mix that I was gonna use!)

Meanwhile in a suacepan, combine 1C Brown Sugar, 1 C Vegie Oil, and 1 C Honey. Cook over medium heat until brown sugar dissolved. Add 1 Teasp. vanilla. Pour over grains and stir until well coated. Divide mixture between two large cooking sheets. Bake at 325 for 20-25 minutes. When done, remove from oven, and scrape granola from pan and back into bowl (it will stick if you cool on pan). Let it cool in large bowl stirring ocassionally.

I usually half the recipe cause it still makes a ton. It usually lasts us for a few weeks. Let me know if any of you try it!


emily said...

you guys are CRAZY!

Trav and Kris said...

Mexicans hogging the gym...what are ya gonna do? So funny!

tami said...

I want to try that granola recipe, it sounds good! I think I have all the ingredients too!

Lovell Family said...

...I'm wondering why the heck table tennis is in the olympics...if the Chinese are the only people good at it...have it at the chinese nationals...speed walking....have you ever tried it? I'd rather's really hard to walk that fast with out should try it, you know you wish your body could sway back and forth like sexy.

JonandLo said...

I agree with guys are crazy! But good for you. hmmm..granola is yummy! Someday I will be a homemaker...someday =)

megan... said...

She will so get you up in the AM to go work out- as long as she has permission. Lindsay- you were the best morning workout alarm clock that I've ever had!

Boquinha said...

Wow. That is serious determination. People like you make me look lazy. :P