Friday, August 1, 2008

A whole lot of Updates

I think that this trampoline has been here since I was a little girl. That thing has some bounce to it.

I have no idea how high this slide actually is, but I truly had to psyche myself up to go down it. My cousin suggested me sliding down on a towel so I wouldn't burn my bum, but I decided against it when the kid before me slid down on one and face planted it at the bottom. The sound of skin scraping on a hot metal slide is not very pleasant. So, after a few minutes of self talk and encouragement from the bystanders, I took the plunge and headed down the long, fast and very hot slide...

I would say a ten for the landing. The second time I went my momentum kept me running pretty fast and almost tripped on my mom.

Cute little Anna. I just love this girl.

I remember this water slide being so much bigger as a kid. Anna and Zack wanted to go down so I volunteered to take them (I am such a nice aunt). Zack, who usually is fearless started screaming halfway down (this slide picked up some pretty good speed). Anna was fine until we hit the water. So, here I have Zack and Anna, one in each arm, screaming. I was laughing so hard I couldnt stand up. When I finally did ( I had one kid in each arm) I realized my swim skirt was above the rear and asked a random cousin (dont know her name) if she would pull my skirt back down (the water slide caused a slight wedgie).

Mom, Dad and Zack attack

I have learned the Scott is WAY more ticklish than I am.

The Lovell girls...

I think in this picture, Anna was saying,"No, I want to hold mommy!" That is what she says when she wants Mommy to hold her.

Cute Uncle Chad with Zack

I really dont know what I was doing in this picture...probably trying to take a bite of Scott's food. I always do that and it drives him nuts!! :)

We stayed with Grandma Benson for two weekends in a row. We love visiting her. She also makes some of the best food ever. She always goes big in her cooking...yumm


Boquinha said...

In that picture where you're tickling Scott . . . is he eating something? Smoking something? Getting something out of his teeth?

Scott said...

Haha....I WAS tickling him, but he got a hair in his mouth and was getting it out!!
PS...this is Lindsay