Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Discoveries

Scott was on Spring Break this week (well as much as he could be with the assignments he still had due). We went to Busch Gardens and discovered that Ada will not fall asleep unless in her crib. Okay, I lied, she fell asleep for about 15 minutes on the hour long car ride back. Sigh...I am starting to get nervous about our trek across country. If she can't fall asleep in the car, I might rip my hair out if she screams for hours on end.
Okay, back to Busch Gardens.
We discovered that Ada likes her hands more than the cool animals and crazy insect people.
I got to go on one ride while Scott entertained Ada. It was funny to me when there was one seat available and the the worker called out, " single rider."People turn their heads around because they are impatient to get on the ride so they call out,"Single rider," too. SO, I got to sneak up to the front row without much of a wait.
Family picture by the Flamingos. And yes, you will notice that we were all wearing green. We went on Saint Patty's Day.

Scott took a picture of the guy that took a picture of us. He thought it only fair.

Scott entertaining Ada while I got my adrenaline rush!

Weird insect people that Ada could care less about!
This guys could really jump though!

Another discovery...well for us anyway. St. John's Pass. If any of you have ever been to Pier 39 in San Fran, that is what it kind of reminded me of. So, sorry to all of those that have already visited and we sent you to a much less exciting pier to explore. This one was MUCH better.

There are tons of Pelicans. They hang out around all of the deep sea fishing boats to grab a few snacks from the fishermen.

She looks so old in this picture. Oh yeah! It was Ada's six month birthday too!

On the Pier
Come visit...we will take you there!
Oh and our last discovery is that no matter how cool of a place we may be, Ada does not care if she is tired.

Have a great weekend!


julz said...

Love her smile. So cute linds!

Cynthia said...

Love the post!! Very CUTE!!! She looks so cute in the hat and also green.

Jenny said...

geesh, tell me about the not sleeping thing. We drove with Molly screaming for about 30 minutes and sea world was so hard with an exhausted 18 mth old who refused to nap.

Jaynee said...

wow you guys have been hanging at the beach a lot! Makes me miss it a lot... we didn't go as much as we should have. Dang us for only having one car!
Ada is growing up fast--lookin' pretty cute too :)

Lovell Family said...

I'm already nervous about our drive to CA with Saige. Luckily, she WILL sleep in the car if she's tired, BUT if she's not tired, she just fusses. I'm hoping the boys can help keep her entertained! Can't wait to hear about her six month check up! (Can you believe you have a six month old?)

J Fo said...

She is getting so big! What a doll. Looks like a fun little adventure as a family. (I Love your shirt, too!)

Tiffany said...

oh, happy 6 mo bday, baby Ada! i love that top pic of her with the blue sky!

Brandon and Katie said...

So cute!!! I haven't really missed Florida (havet really had a chance to yet) until I read this post. It looks so nice there!! When exactly are you making the trek across the country? Maybe you could take a pit stop in Utah... Just a thought! :) Ada is getting so big and so cute!! Miss you all. Tell everyone in the ward hello.

the emily said...

She is SO cute!

And I told you to fly...:)

Gleason Family said...

I like Ada's little green onesie in the first couple of pictures. :) She is so so so cute!