Monday, March 1, 2010

A Whole Lot of Random

So even though I feel like I have been sooo busy, there has not been a ton going on, really. Last Monday, I had the opportunity of improving my mothering skills and babysitting not only my little rugrat, but these cute little two year olds as well.

I know that I am being horrible by putting a picture of my baby's bum on the Internet for all to see, but I just think that it is so stinking cute! I love to pinch her bum and get her laughing. Little Ada enjoys her naked time!!

Ada is sitting on the "big girl" side of the bathtub now. It is so insane seeing my little baby getting so big. She still loves bath time and cries when we take her out. She now especially enjoys kicking her legs all about and watching the water spill over the sides. Let's just say, I'm not so dry when she is done. She attacks!!

My guess is that Ada is getting closer and closer to cutting some teeth (at least that is what every person, mother or not, is telling me). I really hope that is the reason she is being extra fussy, not napping well, biting everything in sight, and drooling like a dog. I have felt her gums and can't feel anything yet, but I swear that has to be it.

Check out all of that drool on her shirt. I need to give this little lady a bib to wear over her clothes so she won't be sopping wet everywhere she goes.
I just had to post this pictures of an outfit given to her from Grandma Lovell. I think it looks adorable. We had to put a onesie on underneath cause it was still a tad bit too chilly to not have one.

When I am trying to clean house and entertain Ada at the same time, I will usually put her in her chair, load her up with toys and vacuum while she goes to town chewing and biting everything in arms reach.

I just love her smile! No matter how upset I might be (for ex. her not napping well, being crabby, etc), when she smiles, I can't help but smile too.

Saturday night was awful (well I guess it was more like Sunday early morning!). Ada decided to wake up multiple times and stay up. Feeding wasn't doing the trick, cuddling with her, nothing. Scott held her for a few minutes but I decided to try and feed her again to see if she would settle down. It kind of worked (by this time, it is now 5:30 in the AM). I put her down hoping she would sleep for a few more hours. NOPE, 6:25ish rolls around and she is crying loudly again. Scott grabs her for me and says, "Well, I'm going to go back to sleep!" I was SOOO mad!! He can sleep through the crying, I can't. SO, I decided that we needed to give her a bath to see if she would calm down. I told Scott that none of us would be sleeping and asked him to fill up her tub. By now it is probably around 7. Ada has calmed down, a bit, I am feeling exhausted and horrible for being mad at Scott for wanting more sleep and being able to so easily, at Ada for being so fussy and at myself for letting things get to me so much. Of course, I apologized, but we were all wiped out yesterday before, during and after church. Sunday's are great but throw us off with her nap schedule.
After giving Ada her bath, I could not help but laugh when I saw her all snuggled up in her towel. Then I went and said a prayer, asking for forgiveness for my behavior.
Why did I just tell the blogger world all of this?? I have no idea!!
She slept MUCH better last night.

This is what prune juice and ground oatmeal look like while feeding it to a 5 month old.
Can we say, "GROSS!"
She loves it, though!

She is loving having her hand covered in this nastiness so she can suck it off! Ewwww..


Lisa K said...

She's so cute! I have to admit, hearing about her sleeping issues makes me think that having just 1 kid (who sleeps through the night) is good enough.

Tiffany said...

so funny:)
and don't feel bad aobut your Sunday. Sundays are often a challange w/ nap times - still!

the emily said...

My kids put those butterfly nets on their heads too, funny.

I'm so sorry about Ada's sleeping! It is so frustrating when they go through these stages. You feel like they're finally on a good steady routine and then it happens all over again. Sigh. I can honestly say that by the time she's 5, she'll be a much better sleeper. Isaac was SO bad, but he's doing really good now that he's almost six. :)

Boquinha said...

What a cutie. And don't get too stressed, but babies sleep much better than toddlers, so you're in for some treats! Honestly, my advice is cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. They grow up so fast.

Cynthia said...

Very Cute!!! I can't believe how big her eyes are! Looks like they might be like yours and not have a distinct color for a while. LOVED them All!!!

Lovell Family said...

She has the biggest smile! I love reading your blog because Ada and Saige are at the exact same stage! Saige attacks us all the time, like she tries to eat and claw our faces! She wants to put everything in her mouth! She doesn't drool so much though. I hope she's doing better. I need to call you and see how things are going! (and talk about the bachelor).

jenny said...

So cute Lindsay! I really love her smile too! You already know my feelings on babies at night-ugh, don't even get me started.

J Fo said...

What fun times! Ada is gorgeous! That smile just melts my heart! Sorry about the sleeping issues. It will get better. I promise. Emmy went through rough patches, but at other times she was a champ. Give me a call anytime you need to vent!

Greg and Abbey said...

awww. you are a great mommy. you're not the only mom in history who has felt that way early in the morning.:) you're great for sharing :) you always keep it real and i love that!

Emily said...

She's so cute!!

honus and Cameron said...

fun. fun. and so so cute.