Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just For Scott

Ada truly LOVES her Daddy!! She is even saying his name!!

Thank you Scott for all that you do for us. We love you!!

(And for all those that are wanting to say this...we KNOW that she doesn't really know what she is saying yet, but we love to pretend that she does!!! Just so much fun) :)

Another thing...I saw A LOT of Foley in her watching this video. :)


Cynthia said...

So CUTE!!!! I can't believe how much she is Growing!!
She has so much personality!!!

Lovell Family said...

Steve is CONSTANTLY trying to get Saige to say Dada....truth is, saige doesn't really babble at all, she squeals and joke....should I be worried?

Steve said...

Totally not fair. Ok, I'm going to start working even harder with Saige. She will be saying Dada by the end of this weekend.

the emily said...

Noah did that--he babbled "dadadada" over and over, and I posted a video and got the craziest backlash! Strangers on youtube were all "he's still a baby you idiot" and stuff. It was crazy. So I'm going to say she IS doing it for real, and it's awesome.

J Fo said...

Wow. What a cutie! Emmy said Dadda before Mama. I was totally offended, but I think it's just easier to say! (ANd little girls just especially love their daddies!)

Boquinha said...

So cute. She's so petite!