Sunday, April 4, 2010

Consider Me Domestic...Kind Of

So, I was feeling all ambitious about making a huge Easter Dinner for Scott and I (no joke when I say, "HUGE!"). He didn't think that I needed to go all out, but growing up, my mom always did, and even though it was just me and Scott (Ada was there too, but eating her strained fruits and veggies) I felt like having something good. Since Scott is not a huge fan of ham (which is what my family usually did for Easter Dinner), I bought us a beautiful Turkey instead...a 13 pounder! Ha! Don't even ask me what I was thinking. I found a decent recipe on AllRecipe and spent the morning/afternoon: Preparing the Turkey
Making rolls (My mom's rolls which I have not yet mastered. Not even a little).

Starting fires. I was boiling water and the rag that I had covering the roll dough caught on fire. Scott and I were in Ada's room and both smelled something burning. I ran into the kitchen thinking that some food just got on the burner. NOPE...

Ada visiting me while I was slaving away in the hot kitchen.

Making Strawberry pie
Scott has been requesting our Sister-in-laws mother's Strawberry pie for months...I dare say even years (We have been married over 2 years now). I never make it, maybe I did once. So, I got all excited when I was at the store yesterday when I thought about making that yummy dessert. Too bad I accidentally added 3 cups of boiling water to the strawberry jello instead of 2/3 cup. So I did what any person making a huge dinner for 2 would do, panicked! I almost sent Scott to the store to get some more Jello, but didn't. Instead I called a neighbor who actually had cherry flavor. I was so grateful she had Jello. That is something you would never really find in our cupboard.
Too bad I didn't actually use our Sils recipe. I thought the one I found online was the exact replica. As pretty as the pie was, the taste reminded me of Whips yogurt. Still good, just not the Larsen's pie.

Making My Mom's rolls
The disastrous rolls. The dough is so dang sticky. I felt like cursing while I was attempting to roll the dough into crescent shapes. They were just a globby mess. Even though they were not very pretty, they still were pretty good. I am going to learn this summer how to properly roll out my rolls.

You can see the little piece of missing turkey. I needed to taste it to make sure it was up to par. Too bad I didn't wait until AFTER I took the picture.

The final meal. I wasn't originally going to make stuffing cause that would be too Thanksgiving. However, Scott wanted mashed potatoes ( I was going to do roasted) and so I wanted stuffing cause I like stuffing and mashed potatoes together with my Turkey. The only thing we were missing was my moms cranberry walnut jello.

See, I told you that the pie was pretty, just didn't taste the same. We still both had two pieces.
So, what I decided about this big, extravagant meal: It was a lot of work for just 2 people. I will probably do it again, just not SO much food. I went a little buck wild and now we have crazy amounts of leftovers.
One thing I was thinking throughout the day is that I am no master chef as much as I would love to be. I am just Okay at cooking. I think that I don't spend enough time really learning how to do and make certain things, I just do it. Then it takes making that certain thing many times before I have mastered it. Oh well...there are many holidays to come.
Happy Easter Everyone. Hope you had a great day!


Jenny said...

The end result looks beautiful. Especially since the prep seemed disastrous. We usually shared meals with other families while at Michigan but since we've been here we've done almost every big holiday just us.It is a TON of work. Seems like the whole day is cooking and cleaning but You just have to make the whole big thing. I think the worst part is cleaning up after all the slaving away. i'm just so grateful Pete cooks! once again, it looks delicious!

Greg and Abbey said...

that looks SOOOOOOOO good! i'm hungry! how's ada doin'

Cynthia said...

Good Job Lindsay!!! Can't wait until you can help with the cooking at Home!!! the turkey looks delicious!
Your rolls raised very nicely. I'm proud of you!

Boquinha said...

Looks great, Linds. We love food. Anything that can be a food event, IS a food event. Yummy! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Ha!! I thought your rolls were pie crusties:)

Vivian said...

Lindsay, your meal looked delicious, especially the turkey. I couldn't have waited for a picture before I took a snitch either. Don't worry about the sticky rolls. Florida is so humid, you didn't stand a chance. Taste is what counts. I'm impressed with your derring-do.

the emily said...

Lindsay, you're amazing! I can't believe you did all that work. You're a super nice wife and mom. It all looks delish! And just for future info, you can buy just a turkey breast. You still get the flavor of turkey (and can even stuff it) without having to buy the entire huge bird.

And here's the pie recipe, for future reference:

Jaynee said...

haha fun! wish we were there to help you eat it all :(

Lisa K said...

Hey, at least you made an effort! We got to eat at the airport for our Easter dinner, so you got us beat there!

jenny said...

Way to go! It all looks fabulous to me. A real Easter feast :)

J Fo said...

Mmmmmm...makes me hungry! I think that the thing I hate most about cooking is all the cleaning up and dishes!

honus and Cameron said...

VERY DOMESTIC!!!!!!!!!! NICE. I didn't make anything special. oops. so hard with just two people. SO PROUD OF YOU. wish we were there to eat. ps. my brother is coming out there next wedensday for a week. he is picking up my parents car.