Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Life

So we are on the final countdown before we leave for Sacramento for 3 months. Scott and I both have been pretty busy during these last weeks. This last Saturday was our stake Day of Service. We went to a VA Hospital and cleaned up the grounds. You can see that I was busy at work and super sweaty and dirty from all of the hard work I was putting in. I tell ya, it was back breaking. Okay, maybe I just watched because I had to take care of this cute bundle of joy. My friend Tiffany made this sling for me when Ada was born and she taught me how to use it for infants. WONDERFUL!!!
The seamstress! Tiffany is also really talented with photography. She took Ada's day old pictures, 10 day old, my maternity and will soon be taking our family picture next Friday! You can check out some of her work here.

I know that her eyes are closed but I just want you to see how much drool escapes her mouth in just one sitting. It is quite gross actually...but I love it!!

Ada is in love with her bouncy thing. Thanks Tiffany!

So Ada likes to chill. We walked in this morning and she had her leg up, all relaxed. And yes, once again, we still dress her in Christmas PJ's. They are just so comfy for her!

I can't get enough of her laugh. She is not laughing as much these days, more like squealing. She is also learning how to whine so that gets to my ears a little.

I just wanted to give proof that she is starting to crawl ever so slightly. It is more like an army crawl, but she did jump up on her knees today. It almost looks like she has no use to her legs when she starts the scoot.

Some other fun things are that she has 2 teeth now. I probably already mentioned that, but don't feel like checking! :)

She loves to bang things as hard as she can. While she is "patiently" waiting for her food, she will often times bang her sippy cup as hard as she can on her high chair, then just look at us with a "watch me do it again" look.

The last thing I am not sure if I am excited or a little sad. Probably mixed emotions. Ada is not really interested in nursing anymore. I think she realizes that she can get what she wants a lot faster and a lot more from the bottle. I just don't produce enough to satisfy her hunger. On the positive side, that means I will get to eat dairy again. Okay, besides cookies and chocolate cause I have already been "sneaking" that. I have not really had cheese since before Christmas. I did take a little bite a few days ago and it was delicious! I will need to be careful not to hoard all that dairy when I officially stop nursing. Don't wanna pack it on :)


Boquinha said...

Oh man, I am still mourning our kids' weaning. I nursed them both for over a year each and honestly, if I could go back in time, I'd do it even longer. I *love* nursing.

Check out her scoot! So cute.

the emily said...

Bummer about the nursing. That happens to so many people I know--I wonder why it doesn't happen to my kids? I would probably love the excuse to stop nursing before a year....:) And how cute are you in your shorts? It's snowing here today! I looove Ada's laugh.

JeffnJenna said...

I love the drool picture the best--so fun! I'm sorry to hear about the nursing, too. I remember the very last day Tate nursed, because it was on my birthday. I thought that was the sweetest gift for him to give me, that one last time :). That's the one thing that I get sad about still when I see my friends with their babies! I'm glad you got to experience it anyway for as long as you did--one of my friends here has never been able to go longer than 3 months!
I'm glad you can enjoy dairy again--welcome back, cheese! And lastly, I love her in those Christmas pj's. I'd still be using them too if I were you :).

Lisa K said...

Ummm, I'm pretty sure it's impossible for you to pack on any pounds. You're a skinny minny!!

Ada is still stinkin' cute.

Cynthia said...

Very Cute!!! Love the crawling & laughing!!!
Looks like you have made some changes. Did you put his desk in your room??? I see the yellow chair in the nursery. Looks like you're having fun! can't wait to see you!!

J Fo said...

She is too cute! I would not be encouraging the crawling thing too much because your life will really change once that starts! ;) The same thing happened with Emmy and nursing. It is what it is, I guess. Don't be too sad, it's a natural thing even thought it's not in the timing that you would have liked. Good luck with your moving preparations!

jenny said...

Maggie LOVED the videos!!! I think she and Ada are going to enjoy each others company :) The nursing thing does stick but what can you do? I always felt a little sad when my kids stopped too and they all breastfed for over a year. Don't worry, you'll get to do it again ;)hehe

Jaynee said...

yeah i was excited and sad when i stopped nursing. the freedom is nice, but knowing that they NEED you is nice too. but they still need you anyway, so really you should just be excited. especially since you get to eat CHEESE again! YUM!

Tiffany said...

i miss you