Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg Hunts, Easter Sunday and More

So last Saturday, I was packing. I had pulled all of my winter clothes out of the closet, was stuffing them in a suitcase while trying to entertain Ada at the same time when my friend, Tiffany called me up and told me about an underwater egg hunt. So of course, I left the mess, threw on a swimsuit (okay, I shaved my legs first), grabbed some snacks, and Ada and I took off.

We had a great time.

Ada and the boys posing for a picture. I am glad that no one cared enough to say anything when I cut in line.

Ada waiting patiently for the hunt to begin.

The pool has a beach feel to it. It slowly starts to get deeper. The lifeguards had hundreds of eggs that were filled with toys (no treats for me to snack on, dangit) and when they let the eggs out of the bags, they floated on the water for the kids to grab. I held Ada the whole time and she had her little bucket. She learned really quickly what needed to be done.

Her spoils

Easter Sunday. We splurged a teensy bit and bought Ada a dress.

I love that she can finally wear pigtails and they actually stay in. Take that lady who thought she was a boy because she didn't have a lot of hair!

Some friends from church invited us over for Easter Dinner. I debated and debated if I wanted to attempt to make my mom's (and sister's now) famous rolls. They are very tricky and I hadn't had much luck in the past. I did, however, learn how to roll them (which is the hardest part) during the summer, so I decided to give it one more go. Look how beautiful they turned out. And they were pretty tasty too!Mommy's little helper. Okay, not really, but this kept her occupied for a few minutes.

The two lovebirds at it again.

Tristan surprised Ada (well his parents did) with a big Easter Basket filled with all sorts of goodies. Sidewalk chalk was one of the treasures. So yesterday, we took a little walk outside for the kids to give it a try. They liked scribbling for about 2 minutes or so, then enjoyed running away from me the rest of the time.

Ada displaying her artistic abilities.

And who DOESN'T wear goggles in the bathtub?

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Amy Lovell said...

I can't believe how big Ada is getting. And by the way, you look gorgeous! Glad you guys had a fun Easter.

Heather K said...

I love the pig tails :) Glad you guys had a happy easter...we did too! See you thurs! and let me know if you need some help with packing or watching the kids while you pack or bb sitting ada so you and scott can squeeze in a date sometime :)

JazznJenna said...

It's crazy how kids Ada's age can jump from interest to interest to "now what, Mom?" without blinking an eye, and we wish they could just stick with one activity for 5 whole minutes, right? And yet, they warm our hearts like no other. Cute pictures; I'm glad you got to enjoy the fun Easter water egg hunt, that sounds fun!

Lovell Family said...

How my book, its okay to slurge for an easter dress!

Cynthia Lovell said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Can't wait to SEE you ALL!!!
Great Post!!!

Boquinha said...

She looks darling in her Easter dress. And an underwater egg hunt? WOW!

Vivian said...

Underwater egg hunt? You're such a good mom to take her. Loved the Easter outfits on both of you. The rolls look wonderfully yummy. Please share your recipe/techniques.