Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh How We Love This Girl

We introduced Ada to the movie Tangled a few weeks ago, and now she can't get enough of it. Within minutes of waking up from naps or in the morning, she asking for, "Neigh." There is a horse in the movie that she loves. We have to fast forward to all of her favorite spots that include the horse. Here we are enjoying a bit of the movie before bedtime. Ada and Dad watching, "Neigh." Ada loves saying, "Hat!" She won't wear one for very long, but she sure loves saying it.
I was in the kitchen probably preparing snacks and I came out to check on the kids and this is what I found.

So sad to be separating them in a few weeks. They really are best buds (And yes, Yo Gabba Gabba still keeps me up at nights and haunts my dreams).
The kids often wrestle. Their new favorite is Tristan will grab on to Ada's shirt from behind and she will take off running. They usually crash to the ground after a few seconds.
I adore these two kids.

Funny story about this day. I took the kids on a walk to the grocery store (I know, exciting). I had them in the double stroller and on the elevator this lady looks at both of the kids and says, "Two boys right?" I wasn't sure if I heard her correctly so I had her repeat herself. She looks directly at Ada and says, " He's a boy, right?" Did she not see the striped dress that Ada was wearing and her pink shoes?? I told her that Ada was a girl and the lady says, "Oh, well her hair will come in soon enough."

Yeah, usually it doesn't bother me TOO much when people mistake her gender, but this particular time it did. Not only was Ada wearing a dress with "girly" colors, but she wasn't an old person that made the mistake. She was OLDER but not like the old people that usually get mixed up. Oh well, at least her hair IS finally coming in. Gotta give the lady that. I think that Ada looks like a girlI hope we find a "Tristan" in California. They play so well together.

These kids crack me up!
She is starting to say some more fun things like:

I climbing (when she is climbing on the coffee table)

I go (when she is ready to leave)

Hot Wawa (hot water)

I close (when she wants to close the door)




There is probably more that I am missing, but for now, that is what I will write.

As much as she wears me out sometimes, I am crazy about this little girl. She is so funny and I love being her mom!


Cynthia Lovell said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!!! She is Miss PERSONALITY!!! Can't wait to see her! I Love the post!

Cynthia Lovell said...

ps You don't look bad yourself!!!

julz said...

Love her! Luke can't wait to be her bff!

the emily said...

It's starting to bug me when people mistake Zoe's gender too. She has short hair, but she's a BABY. She's supposed to! She wears lots of blue, so I suppose that might be confusing, but it's blue with flowers and pink shoes, come on!

So sad to separate those two kids. It'll be fun for her to have a new sibling to play with soon enough!

J Fo said...

What a sweet girl! That grin is just worth a million bucks!

People still call Emmy a he. Even when she has piggy tales in. People just don't pay much attention. I love Ada's little curls!

Amy Lovell said...

I for one would never mistake that little girl for a little boy. She's too cute to be a boy! I'm sad we won't get to see you in a few months. Maybe you guys should come back to Pennsylvania? :)

Ellie said...

Jason loves the horse in tangled too! His new thing is being a knight after watching the movie. Can't wait to see you guys again when you are in Cali!! Bachlorette anyone?

Boquinha said...

Cute, cute, cute girl! Love her adorable grin. Such a fun personality!

JazznJenna said...

I always love to hear you tell your experiences of watching these two kids together. You're already a pro at having two babies! Miss you guys...

Jenny said...

and if boys would cut their hair these days maybe there wouldn't be so many mistakes.All the girls I know that had no hair as babies have the fullest most gorgeous hair now!

see ya in a couple