Friday, April 1, 2011

A few of the many faces of our little (big) 18 month old

Ada had her 18 month well visit yesterday. As of now her stats are:

Weight: 28.5 lbs-95th percentile

Height: 33 3/4"-90th percentile

(I might have swapped the percentiles. My pregnancy mind just kicked in as I as typing this out. But close enough, right?)

Ada's sweet face. The one that says, "I am a little angel, always. I never scream, yell, hit or throw tantrums." For awhile now, Ada has been making this particular face. I did not, however, snap the picture in time for the full bloom face. She usually gets her neck veins to stick out as well. She makes this face when we tell her something exciting, or when she is trying to be funny.
This is her, "I love my mommy SO much," face
Ada's "Crazy Baby" face
Her, "Don't take my picture," face, "Because I will close my eyes tight if you do."
Ada's "I am very interested in what I am doing," face
Her, "Look Momma, I am making a mess," face

Ada's, "I'm about to throw a tantrum," face, "If you take that picture!"

Some of Ada's favorite things are:

1. Yo Gabba Gabba.

She is so obsessed with that show. I finally went out and bought another series of it because I honestly go crazy hearing the same songs everyday. In fact, when I wake up in the middle of the night (have been since I found out I was prego), I will get one of the songs playing on repeat, in my head. It will keep me up. But, nevertheless, she loves it. And I love watching her watch it because she get so excited.

2. Dancing:

I tell you what. I'm not going to lie, but this little girl has moves. Maybe she learned them from her Momma!! Anytime any music comes on, she will raise one arm in the air and start dancing. Her moves have started getting a little more crazy lately, for example, she will turn around, lay on the ground then lift one leg up. Quite entertaining.

3. Books:

I am thinking that she got her love of books from the Foley side, because I have never been a huge reader (I definitely am more so now). One of the first things she does in the mornings is go to her bookshelf, pull off the books and start, "Reading." She will now grab a book, run up to me and say, "I read." That usually means she wants me to read it to her. My favorite is when she reads the book herself. She will talk out loud and totally blabber, but she really seems to think she understands her gibberish.

4. Parks:

If I pass a park and Ada sees it, she will yell, "PAR." If I don't STOP and take her to it, there are many tears that come. She loves the slide. In fact, she has no fear of them. There is one park in particular that I take her to. She will climb up the equipment (all by herself) and head up to the slides. She thinks it's funny when I run around the equipment to the slide to make sure she sits down. There have been many times she has started to walk down the slide, which would make for a nasty fall. She gets going pretty fast, and will go right back up. There have been times that she tried walking back down the steps and I was not close enough to help her and she has fallen off of the equipment (not very big falls). The few times that she fell, scared me to death. And her. But what I loved most is that she would climb right back up.

5. Climbing:

She climbs on to anything that she can and it drives me nuts sometimes because I am paranoid that she will fall

6. Baths:

As soon as dinner is over she will yell out, "BATH!" She doesn't cry when I pour water over her head, instead she will look at me with her half closed eyes and smile. Then I take a towel and wipe her face. For some reason, the water just really doesn't bother her. She likes to take the cup we have in the tub, fill it with water, then drink. I probably do not need to mention that Scott and I DO NOT like it when she does that. Whenever I ask her if she is ready to come out, she shakes her head, "No."

7. Throwing her food:

She will throw her food or milk off of her tray and then say, "No, no," after she does it.

8. Talking:

Whether it makes sense or not, she loves making noise!


1. Being told what to do:

She gets so mad at me when I tell her, "No," or will mock me. She is definitely getting to be very independent.

2. Being comforted:

If she gets hurt, she gets mad and will run away from me, hitting things on her way.

3. Car seats:

Oh man, we knew that we were doomed the day we brought her home from the hospital. She screamed almost the whole way home. I used to get anxiety anytime we had to get in the car because I knew it was going to be a VERY long ride. She does a little better now if we have snacks or with long rides, a DVD player.

4. Food that I make:

It is very insulting when we sit down for a nice cooked meal and Ada turns her nose up to it. Okay, not insulting (cause let's be honest, I am not the worlds BEST cook) just annoying because then we have to figure out what else we could give her.

5. Me or Scott brushing her teeth:

She wants to do that all by herself, which usually includes biting on the toothbrush and sucking off the toothpaste.

6. Stickiness on her hands: She is her fathers daughter! No need to explain

7. Anything on her climbing space:

If our feet our on the coffee table, she knocks them off (even if they are not near her), or toys, books, whatever. Nothing can be on or near her climbing space.

That's all that I can really think of right now. I am sure there are more dislikes/likes, but I can't think of anymore. She is a very funny girl, and VERY strong minded. She does not obey very well at all, in fact, she KNOWS when she is being naughty. She will get this little smile on her face as she is doing something bad.

But, we sure do love her and have so much fun learning how to parent her.


Lovell Family said...

Great update! Love the faces! Saige had her appt a week or so ago. She just weighs 22 lbs....can't even remember her length/height. Easton got his 14 warts frozen off at that appointment, so I opted to have her shots at her 2 year appt, as to avoid TWO crying kids!

Cynthia Lovell said...

Love the post!!! Very Cute!!! Love reading about all her little antics and the pictures were darling!!! Can't wait to see you all!!!!

Boquinha said...

Love her faces! And I saw her fearlessness when she was here! That slide in our backyard is not for the faint of heart!!

JazznJenna said...

Oh, bummer that you have to suffer the picky eater syndrome that we're still dealing with, it's the pits.

Loved her faces! Especially the ones where she shows off her cute little teeth, like the one with her banana. Awesome.

I'd love to see her dance! I love that she loves baths, too, that's fun. Throwing food--not so fun. As for the teeth brushing, I recommend "Ada gets to brush her teeth, then Mommy/Daddy get to polish for her". Works for us!
Love that girl!

Vivian said...

My favorite is the one sitting in the highchair: "I am making a mess." Cute hair AND cute face. I have witnessed first hand some of her favorites: Yo Gabba Gabba, dancing, books and baths. Can't wait to see the little dynamo in her natural environment.

the emily said...

Oh she is seriously cute. SERIOUSLY! Love her. I love these posts about her. I wish we lived close so she could play with Zoe.

I have a friend whose baby is Zoe's age and weighs the same as Ada. He's enormous!