Tuesday, July 14, 2009

30 Weeks

You know what was a really crazy realization? I can now count the number of weeks left with this pregnancy on two hands! TWO HANDS...that means, we will be parents ever so soon. Feeling overwhelmed?? Just slightly. Feeling excited? Very. Feeling anxious? You betcha. But, I am not the first to have these feelings nor will I be the last. So, things I have been noticing as of late:

1. Baby found my ribs. Yes, it is true, she likes to slide her little foot or hand, maybe bum, right up in there and play. It gets a tad bit uncomfortable, but I can manage the pain.
2. Baby does not sit still for very long and likes to really focus her energy on my right side, usually sliding her foot up and down with good force.
3. Baby does not like it when I sleep on my left side. She really starts moving around when I do that so I usually end up on my back or the right.
4. Baby is strong. Sometimes she moves my whole stomach when she feels so inclined to do so.

What I have enjoyed the most so far:
1. Seeing the progression of this pregnancy and seeing how much the baby has grown.
2. Getting good reports that our baby is healthy and growing at a normal pace
3. Preparing for her arrival and planning for the exciting future ahead of us.
4. Seeing Scott get excited (or slightly freaked out) when baby girl Foley moves just for him.


Natalie said...

You looks great! I remember being kicked in the ribs all too well, by my 40 week mark I was constantly pressing down on the top of my gigantic belly to get her out of them:)
Probably a good idea that you didn't go tubing, I went for a "mild" ride on a jet ski about 6 months along and every wave we hit scared me so bad I was paranoid for days I had caused damage

Cynthia said...

You look wonderful!!! Can't wait to see you as a MoM! For some reason, I was Never kicked in the ribs. My friends were but I think I must have been a low rider. I felt pressure other places, but not on the ribs.

Trav and Kris said...

You guys are gonna have so much fun!

J Fo said...

You're looking so adorable! Enjoy this time with you, SCott and the belly. It's never gonna be the same!

honus and Cameron said...

super skinny and DEF. PREGNANT!!! IT'S SURELY GROWING!!! SO SO FUN! i need to get a good profile up