Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Really do Love the Temple!

It really is a treat for me to go to the temple. I know that the two hour drive will prove to be a little more difficult once baby arrives. Anyway, I am so grateful for temples. I find so much peace and happiness inside. I had the opportunity in Utah to go once a week to be an ordinance worker and learned so much, I miss that sometimes.
Anyway, the night was so pretty afterward and I really wanted to walk the grounds. You see, Florida usually does not cool down at nights during the summer, but it was so pleasant. I begged and pleaded with Scott for us to take a few photos. He gave in to my pleadings! :)He would not stop to pose but told me to take the picture as he was walking. Too bad my camera takes forever to take a picture.

The grounds looked so pretty and there were some cool fountains that I was trying to capture in the picture!

I love this guy..cheesy grin and all!!

Yeah...I had a lot of energy floating around!


Cynthia said...

I Love that picture of you in front of the temple. I had to blow it up, but it's really cute!!!

Anonymous said...

You look a little tipsy to me... but since you just came from a Temple session... I'm willing to see past the possibility of it!

brie said...

hi linds, of course i remember you! thanks for commenting, it was so nice, i appreciate it. :)

congrats on your eggo being prego'd, i'll be honest - i'm jealous! :)

Jenny said...

look at you florida girl! flip flops and all. love the profile pic!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Lindsay, I love the new black and white prego picture of you guys on the blog--it's beautiful!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Jenny and Kelsey. I need to get that one up on our wall. It is one of my favs!

Kelsey, they have Ragnar out here in Florida. I am going to try and do it at the end of November! I can't wait.

Jenny said...

linds, is your final decision Lucy?I think you should do a survey of names on your blog.

Today my girls named their baby doll Lyla and I thought of you. I STILL LOVE THAT NAME! That was the first one you told me...if you remember.
And that name would fit a beauty baby like I know you guys will have!

Did you ever get the baby name wizard book?

BTW... is your hair completely natural now? I remember you used to say NO in college but I think you hadn't permed it for like 5 years. SO funny! Gorgeous!

Greg and Abbey said...

Hey Girl,
I THINK that's a female on our mullet pic. You made me have to really rethink that one! I think the eye brows give it away though :) So, you are 7 months! Fun! Congrats. You look really cute preggy! Have you decided on a name yet?

JonandLo said...

Love the black and white pic of you guys too...gorgeous!

Tyson and Jen said...

Love all the pics! you are too funny!! I love that you have a great hubby who humors you in taking pictures! that's how tyson is too. :)