Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Special Visitors

We were so lucky to have one of my best friend's Kathy and her husband come stay with us for a full week. We had a great time catching up, laughing, hearing Kathy's random stories (I swear, anything weird or awkward, this girl has been through), and just hanging out. Kathy and I were roommies for a couple of years before we each got married and were each others shoulders to cry on when we were having boy problems (or any problems at that matter). It was a blessing for both of us to be roommates when we were. She married the perfect guy for her and they are expecting a little girl, just about a month after us. We had fun "Freaking" each other out about being a ticking time bomb (only one way for baby to come out) or how many fast Sunday's we had before baby came (I have two). Thanks for a great week guys!We went to a random Cuban restaurant in Tampa followed by some pretty tasty shakes at a hole-in-the-wall treat shack owned by some awesome old Cuban people. This place was not in the best area AND it smelled like cleaner mixed with Old folks homes, but the Cuban owner was entertaining and served us some great ice cream!

I don't know why, I just really enjoy taking pictures of the different foods that I try and eat. I did not think that Scott's beans looked all too great, but he enjoyed them.

Let me explain...Actually, there really is no explaining to do. We were just being crazy prego ladies and thought it would be funny to get nice and cozy for the picture. We went to the Ray's game and got a little better deal to sit in the "party deck" but decided paying the extra two bucks would have been worth it to sit somewhere else. I especially enjoyed getting beer spilled on my foot! MMMmmmmm...

I had never been to an indoor baseball game and wanted to get a picture of the field. Scott was not overly amused that I grabbed him for the picture! :)

Saturday, we got up early and Kathy's uncle, who lives in Tampa, took us boating. DON'T worry everyone. I did NOT go tubing or skiing, although I was really debating if I should try. I LOVE skiing and tubing and all of the above and it was a struggle not to do it. But, being 30 weeks prego, we all decided that it was probably not the best idea. So, I sat and watched as Scott got mildly tossed around on the tube and James get up on the skis for his first time ever!!
Sunday we spent the afternoon into late evening playing a really fun card game...pinochle (pee-knuckle). We seriously played for like three hours and realized we forgot to eat dinner so we filled up on Kathy's chocolate chip cookies instead. Any of our friends out here that wanna learn a fun game...give us a call!!
Thanks Kathy and James for a great week.


honus and Cameron said...

i was seriously in shock thinking "did she really go tubing"... being pregnant really starts us off being selfless - i really want to go wakeboarding

Kathy said...

We had so much fun with you! Thanks for entertaining us, giving us a place to stay, letting us borrow your car & clothes, etc. It was worth every penny to get to spend time with you! Thanks a million!