Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Reunions, Family Pictures, Family Time, Baby Showers and 4th of July

Warning, long post with many pictures....
Scott and I had the awesome opportunity to head out to Vernal Utah to his family reunion. This was a pretty significant Foley Family event because it was the first time in over ten years that the whole family has been together!
I had to take a picture of the mountains: Oh how I miss you dear mountains! And oh how I miss the cool, crisp mountain air!!

My adorable niece, Maggie. I have this little trick. I only SEEM like I am good with small children, but what I do is take them from their parents when they are on the verge of sleeping, and by that time they have no care to who holds them.

All the grand kids. Can you tell which one's were not that excited about being in the grass?
What a good lookin bunch of brothers. Can you guess which one is Scott's twin?? Obviously the one's who DO know..Don't ruin it :)

We just love these kids! Maxim and Kate are so much fun!

Scott's old Mission Companion lives in Vernal and owns his own Taxidermy company. We were in his "office" and I was blown away by all of the deer head and "moosen" he had on display. He had a ton of dead animals on the walls of his home and I just wonder what the girls think when he brings em home! Nice guy though.
My sweet grandma Lovell! I really wanted to be able to say "goodbye" before heading back to Florida. She has been ready to go and be with my grandpa for years and we think that her time is coming soon! Such a wonderful woman and example I have had to follow! She has a very sweet, quiet voice and I apparently used to have a sweet, quiet voice as well. She used to have to ask me to speak up. Grandma wondered where I got my quiet voice from and my mom told her that I got it from Grandma!

Okay...I am not gonna lie, but I think this is an awesome picture of Scott. He looks so cute! Scott had to leave pretty early Monday morning to get back to Florida so we took the little boys for a "ride" while I drove him to the airport! They love their uncle Scott. I stayed in Utah for a couple more days then headed to Cali to see other family and friends!

Remember how much fun slip n slides were? There were about ten neighbor kids just loving life, having races, eating otter pops. Man, I wish being a kid. Zach kept beggin for otter pops. I think he had three! Hard to say "no" to such a cute face!

Little Jaxon. Kim, Chelsy and I went to dinner for our "birthday's." We had a great time catching up and just hanging out. Of course I ate the most, even after telling the girls I can't eat as much in one sitting anymore! Guess I have not changed all that much.

Lisa and I took the boys to Thanksgiving Point. It was so much fun watching the boys get so excited about all of the animals. I myself, thought this albino peacock was pretty sweet! Okay...I don't know if it was albino or just white.

I have craved Kneaders since getting prego! I could not have been happier at this moment, going to Kneaders, getting my Turkey bacon avocado, and spending the time with my good friends! The sandwich did not disappoint!

Lisa, my sister in law is due the day after me. She is having her third, but first girl. They couldn't be more excited! I look like a giant!!

I already miss these guys!
Let me tell you a little story. When I was 12 years old and at my first girls camp, my mom was a "cookie (AKA cook)". She was asked to do a musical performance and sing a song one night. Well, not being a singer, she had to think of something to distract everyone from her singing voice ( know I love you, but let's be honest) and somehow this apron that she got for her 40th snuck into her suit case...She was a hit! My friend Jenny and her mom stopped by while I was home and Lynn asked my mom if she still had that sexy piece!. So she busted it out.Jenny Hill Peterson happened to be in town and brought her mom and three girls to go swimming. Lydia is her middle child (far left) and decided to swim without a suit. Landon and Anna joined her!Stasia and Jenny have three kids, Juls has two. I have some pretty amazing sister and friends to get good parental advice from! Love these girls!

My sister and Stasia threw me a baby shower and it was amazing. I got to see some of my closest of friends! Thanks girls!

Katie Walker and I played intramurals for years starting back around ten years ago. Good times! She came early and we spent a few hours just catching up and swimming!

Thanks Vivian and Jenny (Mother in law and Sister in law) for driving up to the shower. It took them over two hours to get to my parents house cause they got stuck in holiday traffic. They must really love me! :)

The girls from High School. We spent many fun weekends going to dances, hanging out with crushes, talking about our crushes, etc. Not pictured is another really good friend Tiffany. Her picture is on my sis camera but I was so excited to see her!
Thanks Juls and Stasia and everyone that came! It was so neat for me to see everyone!

The poor kids were tuckered out after the shower. I thought this was the most precious picture!

Little Luke! I love this guy! Check out those blue eyes and awesome brown locks.

Can't say no to the hot tub after a good swim, but no worries, I did not stay in long. I know it is not safe for baby!

4th of July! We had some firework fun in the street out front. I love my sister!

Some of the fireworks were too loud for little Anna!

The nieces. Dana, the oldest, was so brave earlier that day. I taught her how to do a back dive into the pool. She got a little beat up, but was a trooper! Anna and Audrey are so much fun too!

Dana and Anna

I had such a nice break/vaca. It was so reujivating seeing family and friends, getting out of the humidty and intense heat, and not working!! Thank you everyone for the awesome week! I had a great time and miss everyone already!


Anonymous said...

let's do it again! What a party!

Eric and Kassi said...

I love your mom! And I'm loving her apron!! I think I need one of those. :) Your baby shower looked like a lot of fun! Your family did a good job. The table with all of the food looks so professional and it makes me hungry!

the emily said...

On that particular picture of Scott being sad on the carriage ride, he was sad because there was horse hair on his kit-kat.

Looks like a really nice trip! Are you back home? Love all your clothes, where did you get them? Are they actually maternity clothes or just regular clothes? You're CUTE.

Lindsay said...

Emily..You are RIGHT! I forgot about the nasty horse hair on his kit kat! hahah. I got back home on Sunday and most of my clothes are still non-maternity, but I basically live in stretchy skirts right now!

Thanks!! It was so fun to see you!

Vivian said...

Love the picture of all the grandkids on the grass with their heads together. Also love the picture of the 6 brothers. How could one mother be so blessed? If you could travel coast-to-coast, I won't complain about a 2 hour drive to Sacramento. I had a good travel companion and thanks for inviting me.

Cynthia said...

Lindsay I Loved your blog!!! You are so good at telling stories and describing everything!!! I thought I was seeing my sister Paula when I saw the "apron" & grandma thought she was seeing herself, then Paula, then me. ha h aha Anyway LOVED ALL the pictures! Grandma without fail mentions how HANDSOME Scott is!!!

Sam & Jackie Chapman said...

wow you did a lot. It looks like so much fun and I'm sure so much fun for all of them to see you with your belly (which by the way looks really little for being 30 weeks).

Jennifer Lyn said...

What a fun post! Visiting families are so much fun! You look great btw.

katie said...

it was so fun to see you! i feel so flattered that i made the blog :)

Tami said...

I was so bummed- we flew in the day after your shower! What a cute pregnant lady you are! 3rd time around for myself and I'm not wanting to post pictures! Isn't the countdown exciting though???